...and now I've got cancer!


Bit miserable. Now I've got Hodgkin's Lymphoma as well as PD. Started chemo and now I'm really knackered. I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself .

It's not fair.

Sorry for whingeing


Your not whinging! Im so sorry you are having to deal with so much, I wish I could help! It must be so overwhelming, Ive not been on here long but everyone seems nice and supportive so im sure they will be glad to talk to you or just listen, I hope you have got good friends and family around you too. I totally understand why you feel its not fair, its unbelievable how much can pile up on one person. I really hope you are ok. Suzy


Hello, spam95 --

You're so right:  it is not at all fair for anyone to be struck by TWO such serious illnesses.  Like Suzynola7, I wish I could do something more helpful than say my sympathy is with you.  I hope you have the best possible outcome from your cancer treatment; current treatments do seem to be getting more effective.

Sincerest regards,



Ohhhhh what an absolute bummer!   Seems alot of it around just now but that's no consulation. Hope your chemo passes quick.  So sorry to read this.


How are you doing?


Sorry for the delay in replying

I've started my fourth out of twelfth chemo sessions. Such fun!

It's ok really. My hair is still in, and I'm feeling tired and washed out. But, all in all, the treatment isn't that bad.

I'm a bit amused by the reaction that people have when they find out that I have both diseases. Even the medical staff don't know what to say.

I find this almost anonymous 'chatting' on the forum quite cathartic . It lets me blow off steam a bit. I've realised that I'm still quite angry about it all.


Thanks for listening, whoever you are.






Oh BTW...I also have diabetes now!




spam95, I'm sure there are a lot of us listening and sympathizing with your situation.  It is such unjust burden to have to carry three diseases at once!  Sometimes we don't say anything on the forum because we simply don't know what to say.  We feel totally helpless.

I'm glad to hear the chemo sessions are going pretty well.  Best of luck with it all!



So sorry to hear about all your problems.As if one wasn t enough...


i wish you all best wishes for some effective treatments and my thoughts are with you




Yeah you need to blow off steam! Well done for dealing with the chemo :-) feel free to vent whenever you want! X


Hi spam95

We're really sorry to hear about your cancer diagnosis. Best wishes to you as you go through chemo.



Hi Spam

Only just seen the post very sorry to hear the bad news.

if you are up to receiving visitors please get in touch.





i wish I had seen this thread at the time.  It would have been good to know that I was not alone!

I was diagnosed with PD in April 2012, then with breast cancer in June 2014.  I had chemo, radiotherapy and a mastectomy over the following months.  Shortly afterwards, my thyroid became overactive, and had a thyroidectomy in August 2015.  So I have three major illnesses to deal with, all of which present similar symptoms, and all of which require me to take daily meds, which all have similar side effects.

And yes, sometimes I feel sorry for myself! I think that's allowed.

The positives to come out of this for me are that I have taken the time to evaluate what is important in my life, never to take everything for granted, and never to put off doing the things I want for any longer than necessary.

I hope things are going better for you now.


Hello, Whitney --

Thanks for reviving a thread that is probably of some benefit to more people than are actually participating in it.  And, yes, I'm sure you do have the right to feel sorry for your own situation.  It is such a remarkable misfortune to be hit with three heavy illnesses!  I am in awe of your ability even to find "positives."  You are strong and capable in dealing with what life has given you.

Sincerely, I wish you the best of luck!  May you succeed in using every day exactly as you desire.



Hi spam95 and Whitney - have just come across your postings. I am at a loss as to how anyone can be so unfortunate to have all these diagnosis dumped on them. I wish you both well in your future treatments and hope that you both come out on top.

Sheila x