Anger management

I have had Parkinsons for about three years now recently I have found that I have sudden anger outbursts which affect my partner badly and I wish to do something about it.

there seems to be a constant build up and suddenly I behave terribly and I say things that I shouldn't say

and I regret afterwards.

I have done research within the parkinsons forums and anger seems to be part of the illness 

I love my girlfriend very much and I want to find a way of stopping this as soon as possible as she gets very very upset.

I currently take prolopa and Azelet.

please can you inform me if this is something that other people experience and how they tackle this problem with their loved ones.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

Hi John

yes, regrettably I do this too. It's the last thing I'd wish on my partner, they have enough to put up with as it is. Based on our experience, I'd say:

It takes the two of you. Your g/f has to accept you get angry, and you both need to have coping strategies that you'll recognise as signs you want to stop - stopping the conversation, not taking he bait, walking away. And afterwards acknowledging the outburst. Some here will recommend Mindfulness. I'd concentrate on the para starting "I love". If you both understand that, then I'm sure you'll both pull through.

It even works for us. Sometimes!

Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes