Angina and Parkinsons

Last night R told me for the past 6 months he has (on occasion) getting chest pains when he is walking. He says it doesn’t happen when he does Park Run but only walking. Yesterday he had two bad episodes and it obviously worried him enough to mention it. He said that he was getting chest pain that radiated to his back and arms. His dad has angina so R thinks it is that. I would have thought heart attack but it stopped when he rested on his walk. Is Angina and Parkinsons related or do we need to go to doctors on this one. I guess we are assuming it is angina. Thanks

Also, his bpm is about 52 through the day and he sometimes has purple feet when standing after getting out of bed in the morning. I can’t believe he has waited 6 months to tell me this but he is very good at putting his head in the sand with illness.

Hello RachRob … I would certainly contact your GP about it. If you do nothing & something happens you will never forgive yourself.

Best of luck.

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