Ankle pain


My ankle “cracked” first thing in the morning about two months ago. Since then it has become progressively worse to the point where I can no longer walk without severe burning pain in my ankle. My ankle is swollen, my whole foot is swollen by lunchtime and the pain is becoming unbearable. I am now on crutches.

I have seen my GP, taken tablets for gout which didn’t work, had an xray which shows nothing and am now seeing a physio (which I am having to pay for as I cannot wait for the NHS). The physio is suggesting I wear a leg brace as my left foot turns inwards.

Has anyone else had similar problems?


My left foot had to have an operation on as when I walked the pain was intolerable. This had been because my rheumatoid arthritis had worn all the joints,away I had to have my foot fused. I also had a plate put in.i now have no pain at all from my foot.beforethe op I had to wear a boot thing on my leg and foot.


Did the pain come on quite quickly? This has gone from manageable to absolute agony over a few weeks.

Hope yours is better.


It was over quite a short perìod of time.