Hi - I am a 'newbe' to the Forum although I was diagnosed in 2007. I am 77 years young so am living on Sunset Strip this  year, as is my husband! We get out as much as we can although, like others, I find it hard sometimes. When anyone asks me how I am, I usually reply by saying 'I have good days and I have very good days.'

One good tip I read is, when baking fairy cakes, using an ice-cream scoop to put the mixture into the paper cases really  helps.


Welcome to the forum AnneBoleyn!

Others will be along to say hi soon. I hope you find all the help and support you need here. 



Hi AnneBoleyn

Welcome to the forum , you sound like you have a good attitude to dear old Parkinson's .

There's a lot of good folk on here and a wealth of info from people who know what it's like to live with the illness,

As for fairy cakes I find using an icing bag lets me have more control over how much I put in each case, though I do have to tie the fairys up or they escape before I can get them in the oven lol ...........sorry I have an awful sense of humour .

Anyway welcome again , live well.   Cc


Thanks ezinda, yours was the first reply I had. Looks like you're enjoying that cup of tea!!



Hello Cheshire Cat

I do try and find the funny side if I can, although it was a bit embarrassing the first time I went to the hair-dressers and they put the black gown round me which covered the front completely. All was fine until my hands started shaking under the gown. I often wonder what they thought.

All the best



Hi AnneBoleyn

Now that would have really made me laugh and that is the last thing want to do when someone has scissors close to your ear lol. 

I find it funny when people tut tut me when they see me walking , thinking I'm drunk  when I've been t total since 1978  lol.  

I think with Parkinson's a really good funny bone is the best Medicean there is :-))

  live well.  Cc