I have just set out my medicine for the week – five Sinemet + tablets per day (and others). The Sinemet + has made a significant difference to my life recently, so I feel somewhat ungracious complaining about it. But let me explain nevertheless. The first two days’ tablets that I popped out and put in their respective compartments (the familiar round tablets) were fine.
The rest were lozenge shaped with a piece of tape strategically placed across the middle of the card to ensure that more than half the tablets were broken into several pieces as I pushed them out. The tape reads: Batch: zoo 819/3: Primecrown Ltd.
If Primecrown are reading this – please use a little common sense, and don’t add more frustration to the lives of people whose condition is already distressing enough.
Thank you
Swing your head in shame swinghope Ltd of Croydon The label isn't correcting anything or telling me anything I don't already kmow. The writing is toaty.
Is there a nafarious purpose behind this. Is there a hidden side effect about to explode and this is a get-out clause. My amoxicillin doesnt have stickers on the back, neither do my co-codomol, so, answers/conspirisy theories?
Btw if you really feel the need to stickerize the little popper packs, could you put the on the other side. Why stop there. Shouldn't you also have a Braille sticker for the slightly challenged.
Actually you might as well stomp ok them and we'll just scoop out the powdered contents with a spoon.
Join the. club. Mate. I get exactly the same thing. Happening when I get Sinemet from my local che it's.
Hi i get exactly the same i was begining to think it was the way i was opening them Chris
I have had this experience too. It always seems to happen where Sinemet plus is rebadged as generic Co-Careldopa. It looks like the 'new' supplier has to mark the pack with their own details. Lexon (UK) Ltd is the supplier of the batch I'm mashing my way through at the moment.

I have problems with with the screw top bottle that my Madopar meds come in. I really struggle with screw tops and the initial opening when they are newly sealed is a nightmare.