Anonymous reporting of posts

Hello All,
In another thread on this forum it was suggested that people on the forum should be allowed to report posts 'confidentially' to reduce further upset.
I cannot disagree more with that argument! When we write posts and add our 'names' we put our necks on the line and are prepared to receive responses that are sometimes 'hard hitting'. If anyone objects to a particular post I believe they should display equal courage and say who they are too. In my opinion those posts reported anonymously lack credibility and the perpetrators should forfeit the right to have their objection 'aired'.
What do others think?:question:


In general I agree with you. I would only say that people can contact the administrator directly if they wish. In general, I think that people are willing to enter into discussions like adults. However, there are always one or two who are permanently obnoxious and will not listen to reason. These spoil the forum and may turn people away.

I believe that if you feel strongly enough to complain, you should but your name to it.


Please tell, name names, who are the one or two who are permanently obnoxious and will not listen to reason.?

Hi Jaylew
Obnoxious people are probably in reference to ones with opposing views. i.e. almost everyone!!

There are 2 types of people.........Talkers and Do’ers.
The Talkers usually start wars or heated debates and leave the do’ers to tidy up!

They advocate peace and harmony, calm and logical discussion but with a Utopian outlook. No hearts are ever worn on a Talkers sleeve

The do’ers on the other hand show the passion of their feelings, their instinctiveness, fight the wars and get accused of disruptive behaviour and the like!

The defensive shield of a talker is formidable. Its their only weapon but the written word can used to devastating effect. But if the do’ers stand their ground, the talkers generally slink away with their tails wrapped over their eyes and ears.

Talkers always infer. Do’ers state their intentions and carry them out.

Peter Middleton
Adrian I disagree and think confidentiality should be respected. Not everybody likes to air their grievances in public. I think it depends on the nature of the complaint and the information that is being withdrawn.
Hi Adrian.

To date I have made 1880 posts but as you can see there are only 1780 odd registered. Thats 100 posts, several warnings and a 1 month ban. I'm not proud of that record but its what I am!!

Out of that 100 I would say 30-50 could be justified by the admins actions. I fully understand how difficult their job can be.

The other 50-70, I believe were reported by others but with no bonifide reason to support their complaint.
A removed or deleted post throws the thread totally off track and doesnt reflect the true feelings on the subject matter.

You can only sumise who has been offended enough to complain.

Hello Cutiepie,
I am not going to hide behind my anonymity and I am telling you that I raised this post after reading a remark by you in another thread expressing the same sentiment. However, I did agree with the other comments you made.
I still believe reporting of posts should be done in the open!

Hi Adrian

I totally disagree.:rolling_eyes: I have wanted to post something, but haven't because I dread what would be said and that it would become a witch hunt if I disagree. I also would feel disloyal.
I have found this forum of great benefit and support.
Hi Adrian

You're welcome to your opinion and i respect what you're saying however sometimes posts are deleted for reasons other than people voicing their opinion and although deleting posts affects the continuity of a thread i do believe people have the right and entitlement to confidentiality when requesting posts to be removed due to abuse or upsetting comments.

Hello |Chattymiss,
I can relate to nearly every post that I have read of yours except this last one. I think that you really need to develop the courage of your convictions. Remember this, disagreeing with someone is not being disloyal. More importantly, people begin to lose respect when listening to others who speak in platitudes all the time. Also, I think it can be a little dishonest!

Hello Cutiepie,
As you say, I am entitled to my opinion and you are entitled to yours. It is obvious that in this thread we are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Some people will agree with you, others will agree with me.


I wasn't even going to reply to you. how dare you suggest I am dishonest. Just because I dont want to cause upset.
Hi Adrian
I am a pwp having been diagnosed some four years ago. I have watched the forum from afar for sometime but never got around to joining. I have been following several threads on the forum with some interest. You seem to feel a need to act as Chew Experts spokesman, and bodyguard at every opportunity. Chew Expert has been contributing to this forum for sometime and has the respect of many members of the forum whether or not they join his programme or not. Things aren't black and white there are an awful lot of shades in between. I am sure you mean well but often come across as arrogant in your manner.
As a newbie I don't really understand why posts are deleted. Are they deleted if another member complains or is it when several members complain? With so many members it is obvious that people will not agree with one another all of the time. Surely this isn't grounds for deletion.
Hello Chattymiss,
I suggest that you re:read my reply to my last post to you again. I said "I think it can be a little dishonest" (in respect of people who speak in platitudes all the time).
You have chosen to take personally something that was a general statement and did not mention 'you'. This is something that happens all too often on this forum - reading and taking offence at something that was not there.

Peace and goodwill to all - please.
Happy New Year
Firstly.I hope everyone has a Happy New Year in that we get some glimmer of hope that a cure is nearer than we think......well we can hope.
Personally,I have no problem with someone disagreeing with me but I do have a problem with people getting personal and abusive.I realise that for some people it is part of their impulsive disposition and for them the situation may be made worse by the drugs they are on.Taking sides does not help.If the complainant was mentioned by name I think this could result in a vendetta or slanging match ensuing

Thats exactly the point I was trying to make.if you say something and the other person disagee's it then gets personal.
hope your OH is ok.

My husband and I are both on Andrew's PIP, and have found him very supportive. I was offended by your remarks. I feel this whole subject should be laid to rest.
Best wishes and a very Happy New Year to you all. Lets hope 2009 brings more peace and happiness--look forward to sharing it with you all.

Hello In2shakes,
I will ignore one or two of your points as I consider they are not worthy of a reply.
On your point about the reason why complaints are deleted, you are asking the wrong person. You should address your question to someone in charge such as the administator or moderator.

Happy new year to you.

Hi In2shakes
Thanks for contributing to the forum. The more voices the better I feel. You could put a bit about yourself in the Meet and Greet section under Forum Profiles if you want to.
All the best for 2009