Another chat

Hello and good morning, On Friday I am taking part in another talk to the excellent young people embarking on their journey through our NHS, when I look in their eyes and see the enthusiasm and lust for knowledge I feel very privileged to be invited to NTGH and pass my experiences and expertise on , enabling a much better understanding of PD , my recent adventures with Duodopa will no doubt be of interest to the group, and I will be only too happy to describe my life changing effects and depression free days of the system, so if any of my new friends are reading this post , prepare well as I am so full of things I need to say and I am sure you will find answers, looking forward to Friday
Kindest Regards Fedex:grin::grin::grin:
Hi Fedexlike, how did Friday go ,did they listen? Angel 4u
I am assuming you have had a good result with the new treatment . Thats great .
Hi there fedex
Well it does seem that the recent treatment has done you the world of good. I am glad to hear it. Its a great pity that you have to be so incapacitated before they will carry out the procedure. Here in Wales they will not to it due to cost. Will only rarely do it in very exceptional circumstance. The decision makers obviously are not pd sufferers. How does it work ? Do you have to inject into the tube daily ?
Best of luck