Another DBS Question


Hiya, got switched on yesterday. Just want to ask those of you who have had DBS; do the wires going down your neck sometimes tighten? Also my battery sometimes feels like it is stinging, is this normal?


Obviously yes.


Hi @MrsPD,

I know you’ve directed this question to people who have experienced DBS, however, the fact that you’ve mentioned that you sometimes feel like the battery is stinging is a little concerning. My advice would be to raise this with your GP as soon as possible or call NHS on 111 to get this looked into.

Please remember that our helpline is also available to answer questions like this as well. Do give us a call on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,


I had my done in december - I believe you had yours done in January? to be honest the road is long - I am having my best day and feel very positive - yet i can’t still use left hand scarring on right of head is stinging and when I charge my batteries it stings. However, I would still ask your consultant if its normal


cant use left hand


Not being funny but glad it’s not just me!!! May I ask what setting yours is at?


Also did you ask your Consultant if it is normal to sting when charging battery?