Another heavy blow

This post is for you Turnip,I have only just learned of the passing of your dear wife, I cant even begin to understand the pain you are enduring,at this time,and no words of condolence from myself can assuage your sense of loss,you have always been there for me  despite the distance that separates us and I consider you as a friend and as with any friendship I can only attempt to share your grief , you will know from my posts of my beliefs and the  freedoms bestowed upon us as we leave and sever Earthly bonds,your most precious lady is now part of the infinite universe from whence we came her spirit is free, she will always be with you in treasured memories  and will be waiting patiently until your joyful reunion.Please contact me if  you should need to talk.

                                       I wish you well on your road ahead sir,

                                    Yours most respectfully                      Fed