Another joy of Parkinson's not!

Well, a new first for me today…tad dah
As I was looking down typing, I noted my head nodding, ever so subtle but it was nodding…
Hoping it will not get any worse, that will prove interesting trying to write.? I sometimes write during the night when I cannot sleep, placing and balancing my laptop on my knees. I think I am quite good at typing and bouncing laptop at same time!
But adding another moving body part to the dynamics could be problematic.
Esme x

Hi Esme,
I hope your head nodding won’t worsen for you when typing.

My problem when typing is that my fingers hit all sorts of letters unintentionally and I keep having to do corrections. I may need to think about tying some of the offending digits together.



HI Lizzie,
Yes i agree, thank heavens for the editor on laptop,
Typing tires me , but i refuse to give in yet .
Esme x