Another New Arrival

I am yet another new arrival to the forum so I thought I should introduce myself.

I'm Mike aged 50 and was diagnosed 6 years ago. At the moment I consider myself to be quite fortunate in so much as the symptoms are largely kept under control by the medication and the progression is fairly slow. Without going into too much boring detail,(skip to the next paragraph if you want to avoid the list of my afflictions) my tremor is mostly left sided affecting arm and leg. Manual dexterity is a thing of the past, I am slow and getting slower by the day and my balance can be a bit iffy at times. This leads to me being "abused" by the instructor on the Wii fit machine!

I have the good fortune to be married to a wonderful caring (and currently blushing, :flushed: as she is typing this for me) wife, Mary without whom I couldnt cope. Things have just become a little more complicated as she has been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. To give you some idea how special she is, her reaction to her diagnosis was to say "I can't have that, I need to be able to look after my husband!"

I am a Maths teacher in a girls grammar school. Before Parkinsons (BP), I was a keen and relatively good amateur musician playing clarinet, saxophone and recorder. Sadly I have had to give that up. BP we were season ticket holders at Charlton Athletic but as my symptoms get worse in the cold and when I am stressed, watching them play became an ordeal rather than a pleasure. We went to our first game in 3 years at the weekend as guests in an executive box which was nice as they clinched the League One Championship - Up the Addicks! I like to relax watching TV with Mary, when I'm not being obssessive about spreadsheets and powerpoints for work.

Hoping this will be the first post of many - but not too many i don't want to be obssessive about it!
Hello Mathsman and Mary, a big welcome to the forum. You will find much info here and many folk to chat with if you have a mind to do that or just read up on all the topics that may concern you.

You sound both very positive people and that is a good thing.

Radz x
Hello mathsman

Welcome to the forum. I know you will get great advice and support here from so many lovely people all willing to help where they can.

Look forward to seeing your posts on the forum. Take care and good luck

love PB x
I still play the clarinet, sax and recorder. Never was that good but vibrato seems to have improved. Tend to play more notes with the right hand than the left.
Is frustrating though.
Hi mister mathsman! firstly don't do maths lol:grin: really need to leave out! that sort of head - do language and arts - lol:bulb:

We are so different in so many ways, wot do we share well we both have PD an my o/h was dx with ms last year! We both relatively ok but you like me you must worry how we can manage this hope you and Mary remain well urs

HI mathsman..

Good to hear from you... and welcome..

You will know already you are very welcome and among now, good, new friends..
Until recent retirement both my wife and I were in Education - my wife as Learning Resource Centre Manager (as she would say, posh name for a librarian!)... me as a College Bursar.. I'm 66, diag. Jan'y 2011 (but realise now not right for a while before).. affects L.H. side - stiffness, slowness, bit of a tight chest.. bit of 'angst' and sleeplessness (viz. the time I'm sending this!!)..

We live on the S.E. coast.. lovely wife and two kids in their 30's...and while I can't jog or play piano anymore, I do go to the gym (weights.. rower... treadmill)... also belong to a local choir..., and try (not very disciplined!) to do exercises at home.. Meds are Mirapexin and Azilect washed down with off-prescription Gin and Tonic!!

Do keep in touch... come and share/pour out/'shout'/even cry - there are days when my poor old cats soak up the tears!! Look forward to hearing again.. bursardavid.