Another new member here

Hi everyone,

I'm new here but not so new to PD. Im a carer in my 20s for my dad who has suffered with Parkinsons for around 15 years. He's managed pretty well with it up to now but the past year or so has been difficult.

I decided to join up here to see what other carers and sufferers are experiencing and how to deal with the day to day challenges.

Look forward to getting to know you all.

Black Cat

hope you find what you need.

Yes indeed welcome and hope you find the help you need here

All the best


Hello Black Cat
Welcome to this excellent Forum,you will find a great bunch of Individuals
here all can be relied upon and accordingly the vast amount of knowledge they can
pass to others is priceless,the number of times I have needed to seek answers to the questions PD continually throws at us and 99 times out of 100 I find these
answers within our group, no need to go from web to web ,its all here.
I admire and respect the roll you have taken, caring is not really a adequate
description for the love and dedication and unselfishness shown by persons male
and female who have devoted all there waking hours to ensuring the wellbeing and
comfort of Father Mother Husband or Wife by accepting this massive responsibility
you are at such a young age,a very special person.
Best wishes and Kindest Regards Fedex:grin:

I agree with you Fedexlike . Blackcat is a very special person being so very young . It's not easy for either the patient or carer whatever age but by the time you get to a ripe old age and have had a loving marriage or relationship have usually accrueD lots of BROWNIE POINTS . I can't imagine how it would be if someone has been in a ,loveless relationship would cope !!!!!!

Hi Blackcat, my husband married me knowing I had parkinsons. At first as my condition was reasonable,I didn't need a lot of care or help with things. But ,I have the inherited type of PD, which I inherited from my Grandmother. I was diagnosed 33 years ago and have managed pretty well.My husband is my, full time carer, and he does most things around the house and takes it all in his stride.He does still do some work, but we manage very well and I wouldn't want anyone else in the world to be my carer, he is wonderful

Hi Fed are you still dancing!.