Another post lost


             Why,I havve tried eeverythig short of delivering them personnally to PDUK , on second thougts best not,  but WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

                       VERY GRUMPY FED

I have decided never to edit posts!

As soon as I touch anything....gone!

Just type, press post and stop!




what the hell is going on????? i have just spent the last half hour composing a message only for it to disappear again....and to be told that access is denied......why do we bother?????????????

Having lost several posts on PUK and other forums.

Easy answer 

Type post on a word/notebook document and save it so you dont lose it

Open comment box on PUK copy post from your document and paste into box

If you lose the post simply recopy from your saved document

I lost one last night as well when i posted it I got     form out of time reload page?

I wonder where they all go.

Maybe theres a lost post depository waiting to be discovered 

Future generations may discover them like the dead sea scrolls



eye rollncool


                             Well my friends I have tried everything to no avail HOWEVER? I dicovered some installation dics in the box which this TOPLAP  woz in, and one of the slices of software is called NOTE, i FORGOT TO INSTALL IT,so if I try this 2yrs in a box in the loft, would that doooooooooooolatric Leyther, I went through the

boring intro and it seems to tick all the boxes strike all the right notes,it also hits the nail on the head execute all the moves  in a excommunicatingly fastidously and exemplary fashioneek yes you may well eek my little smilereekeekeekwinkyes yes calm down calm down I know you like to be freed from your cage,but don wander off, thats eeks for you, they multiply very quickly when exposed to sunlight, thats why I haveevilevilthese guys, as you can see the eeks are back in line, as I was saying the new software looks promising winchelsee,, nope, thats a coastal resort,,ehhh ehmmm we shall see   !!! thats the words Im lookin 4 so im off to try it,,oh  wait a mo,,try what,confusederr ehhm oh yes a trip to WINCHELSEA, cant do  it im afraid, I will be violentlyy projectiillingllyy   spewinnggly ill before the car has tavelled buugg//???? 3 or 4 miles, thats travelled tavelled is a Medieval methhod of finding witches, and believe me you dont want to go there,as there are powerfull sexual undertones and much wearing of skimpy clothing, but as I said we wont go there,,,no,no,no,nono NONO I SAID, blood???l, some people, ???!",, well maybe later wincheelsea.

                                    I WILL UPDATE THIS POST LATER DUDES, iM VERY FOND OF THAT WORD NOW ESPECIALLY WHEN IM IN SILLY MODE,, AS YOU WILL HAVE NOTIST,  careful spelling with that last wodd, but not that one DUDES,           BFN           FED