Anti anxiety treatments

Hello everyone

would people be kind enough to share their experiences of taking anti anxiety drugs? My o h doesn t want me to take Valium or similar because of their addictive properties. What about Mirtazipine? Citalopram made me feel like more of a space cadet than usual!


am getting anxiety attacks 2 or 3 times daily. Waiting to hear back from Park nurse.

thanks in advance for your help


I do think you need professional advice to deal with the anxiety, although not all neuros are fully informed about drug interactions.

First of all, it is not considered safe to take any anti-depressant except Mirtazipine or Agomelatine with Sinemet..I don't know if you are taking Sinemet but if so it might explain the spaced out feeling!

The real risk is of Seratonin Syndrome which can be fatal.

Secondly, the feeling of anxiety can be a consequence of the Levadopa wearing off and then a review of meds and timing will alleviate the anxiety.

This means a more little and often approach although the new drug , Patrome, when available in the UK will be valuable as it is slow release and keeps levels more stable.

Thirdly, the problem may respond to other approaches such as specialised counselling.

We found this via a neuropsychologist, arranged by our brilliant Parkinsons Nurse.

Mindfulness techniques can be mastered to calm the thoughts and be peaceful.

Expert help is out there but in our experience you have to be at rock bottom to be offered it.

I think if I were you I would ask for help in working out which was the best route to take and be prepared to try one and then explore other avenues if you don't find relief.

Perhaps you can ask your Nurse about a neuropsychologist she can refer to if you think that might be a help?

I am no medic and PWP and their carers can tell you what worked for them but you are an individual and need to be helped professionally to find the right answer for you.

Good luck!




 Hi samdog,

I had cognitive therapy to help me deal with my anxiety, which I found really beneficial. Cognitive therapy is a type of talking therapy and I learnt how to change the way I think.  My GP referred me to a Psychologist under the NHS. I hope this is a help.

Take care



Seem to have lost my reply, sorry.

thanks to both for your replies. I did a 1 to 1 CBT a couple of years ago which has helped but diff to tap into during the night when anxious and exhausted at the same time.

i take  madopar 4 x 100 mg Rotigotine ie Neupro patches 2 mg and  Amitriptyline x 20 mg plus can take up to 50 mg dispersible Madopar daily as a 'rescue dose'. The last one is the latest addition to see if it helps with the anxiety attacks. Can t say it does as they seem to be brought on by fear of not coping, being judged,awful things happening etc etc. but the added dispersible doses to help with more fluid movement during the day.

am getting prof advice so hope to get on top of this as feel as though my world is rapidly shrinking!

many thanks again



Hi samdog,

I used to go to yoga classes and would spend 10 minutes doing relaxation, which helped reduce my tremors and calm my thoughts.  I have found taking long deep breaths and breathing out slowly helps. I hope you are on top of it soon.


Hi everyone  i am trying to stop taking citalopran and I am feeling a bit nauseous and anxious.  Has anyone had any experience withdrawing from this drug? How long did it take?


I have suffered anxiety for 1 year since PD started.  I was given Pramipexole 0.18 mg 3 tablets 3 times a day

That did help until I started over breathing which sometimes leads to panic attacks.  Any anxiety meds just affected my already over active bladder so had to stop.  I would like to know if anyone else has tried Pramipexole for anxiety at which dose and did it work.  The only med that takes the edge of it for me is  Valium 5 mg one or twice a day.. 



Hi Forum

I have been having anxiety attacks for a while and after doing some research I have read that this could be a side affect from the med Ropinirole that I take for PD (saying that in the report there were many side affects associated with this drug!).

I currently dont take any meds to combat this anxiety problem, I do however have an appointment with my Neurologist tomorrow so will talk it through with him.

Not really relishing the thought of going on to Vallium :-((






I've always been a bit nervy but that's been down too life events, and then i was diagnosed with this, And that's enough too give anyone anxiety without life events, more recently My Girlfriend died and i have developed anxiety that wont budge and panic attacks as well.

But i'm a little stand off that another chemical in my body, ive got plenty now, is the Answer, I don't think it is , I think it would and will be far better too improve Life as it is than add yet another chemical which may well just add more unwanted problems. it's just masking a problem and not really solving it.


For those with anxiety and stress, do some research on Lithium Orotate.

I find it helps me a lot and it's NOT another drug!



Hi Graham Good luck with the Neurologist tomorrow.  I would be interested what he has to say.   I am not on the same meds as you I'm on sinemet and pramipexole.  Good Luck and keep us informed.



                 Are you saying you can defiantly NOT take Sinemet with Citalopran ? (i did write a longer post but it went west )

                                   Thanks Billtwhizz

Hi Budsey

will keep you informed if anything positive comes out of my Neuro visit. (his initial reaction was that I should not believe everything I read on the web!)

Are you experiencing any nasty side effects from the meds you take?

Anybody else on the forum having probs with Ropinirol (slow release)??

You all take care



Hi Graham,

Yes, I had problems with Ropinirole slow release. Was taking 12mg. and feeling 'weird' and kind of 'spaced out', so neuro suggested I gradually came off it.......took a few months. It also affected my eyesight and my glasses prescription kept changing every 3 months! Pretty costly, when you need new lenses every time. Since coming off it, my eyesight has gone back to how it was before taking Ropinirole and my head is much clearer and feel like normal self again. Can't say Ropinirole did me any good at all.


Hi Billywhizz

I am so sorry and I looked back at my previous post...I had meant to write....not to be taken with Azilect (Rasagilene) usually prescribed with Sinemet.

Must have been having a senior moment!

I do hope I haven't caused anyone to doubt that their meds are safe.

Our chemist is an angel and always checks for contra-indications when anything new is prescribed...

I wish they all did.





Panic over......... only joking i new about Rasagiline though cos my wife was on it !!!!!

Hi Twinks

Thanks for letting me know about your bad experience with Ropinirol I am certainly going to look into an alternative as I am not happy with the side effects that I am experiencing taking 8mg per day.

Actually looking at information on the web for this medication that lists the possible side effects has certainly opened my eyes.


Ta again




Thanks for the heads up on Lithium Orotate. I have skimmed the web on this, but detail is hard to find.

Could you give us the benefit of your experience with this, such as where to buy this; the dose you take; the effects over the first month and importantly what side effects you have noticed.

Wikipedia lists among others the following side effects of using Lithium Orotate; weight gain and blurred vision.

I currently take Mirtazapine 7.5mg at night to aid sleep and primarily as it significantly reduces my constant tremor and the anxiety that accompanies the tremors. However while the Mirtazapine is the only tool that I have found useful as a weapon against tremor, the side effects over time have been weight gain, over eating and blurred vision. 

I am 65 with a five year history of PD and currently take Sinemet Plus (4 per day) and Mirapexin 0.088 (4 per day).   My PD is tremor predominant hence the interest in anything which may reduce the shakes.

Thanks for your input.


Hi Graham

I don't have any side effects from my meds which are Sinemet plus 25/100mg 4 tabs a day & Pramipexole 0.18 mg 3 tabs 3 times  a day.  Haven't had Ropinirol so can't help there.  Did your Neuro suggest any meds for your anxiety?  I take 1  5mg Valium pill when necessary I find them very mild and can take them only when needed.

My anxiety suddenly causes me to breath very quickly which is very stressful and last all night and most of the day has anyone else experienced this ?   This is when I take a Valium  it helps when I can't stand it anymore.  It doesn't give me any side affects.

Keep in touch and Good Luck



Hi Arsene,

Sorry for delayed response. I'm currently looking after my 93yr. old ailing father, so haven't checked the forum recently.

I am taking 1 capsule of Lithium Orotate, 10mg. strength per day. I bought them from Healthy Needs on eBay. I also take 3 tablets of Macuna Pruriens per day. I am off all PD meds. now and can honestly say I have no regrets or suffer any side effects from these 'natural' methods of dealing with my Parkinson's. I have only been taking the LO for a week, but feel much calmer and able to deal with things already.

I intend to continue my 'experiment', as I am not a believer in the drugs we are given for Parkinson's. If they cured us, then yes, I'd take them, but they don't. They are like sticking a plaster on a poorly knee, as far as I'm concerned.......but with unwelcome side effects.

I'm a 66yr. old rebellious female, diagnosed in August 2012!!

All the very best to you.


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