Anti-malaria medication and Parkinsons

Hi, just wondered, has anyone taken anti malaria meds with stalevo and C/R Sinemet? Is there any reason not to? Has any PWP travelled to Goa? Considering going next year, any help or advice appreciated. thanx
Hi angel,

I took Malarone this summer (for around 3 week, while travelling in indonesia) without any noticeable problem. But I'm not taking neither stalevo nor sinamet. I was diagnosed with PD mid last year and currently only taking Azilect and a number of vitamins or vitamin-like stuff (CoQ10, etc).


John takes Requip XL and Madopar and had no trouble with Malorone but I did have mild nausea and I do not have Parkinson's, but I do take PPIs for heartburn.Neither of us have had problems with Chloroquine. I do not know what malaria tablets you need for where you intend to travel, but you an find out from a pharmacist,doctors surgery or certain websites.
you may find the website FIT FOR TRAVEL helpful.
Thankyou very much for replies
Will look at Fit For Travel
Cheers :)