Antibiotic Response

In the past 6 months I have been treated for chest infections on three separate occasions with three different antibiotics.

On each occasion my PD symptoms reduced and/or my medication worked better. When I was being treated with clarithomycin I was able to reduce my Stalevo from 550 mg/day to 300mg and I felt better than I had done for years.

Tetrracyclin was less effective and the response when I was on ampiicillin was less noticeable.

A few days after coming off antibiotics my symptoms revert to normal

When I told my GP he told me antibiotics could not have that effect.

When I researched clarithomycin I found that it is used to control H pylori in the gut.

There is a theory that H pylori interfere with the absorption of L.dopa.

I went back to my GP and he reluctantly agreed to test me for H pylori.

The test came back negative (it was taken 4 weeks after I had come off the antibiotics)

Has anyone else experienced similar results?

What should I do now? 

With all the research that is going on into the gut and PD I feel I should talk to someone but my GP is very dismissive!


The test came back negative.

Try phoning helpline. There are only a few anti biotics that you can take with pd

My husband was also on antibiotics for a chest infection and his Parkinson's condition improved.  This has happened a few times.  I also told his Neuro Consultant but he had no response.  My husband is at Stage 4 PD now after being diagnosed 20 years ago and has great difficulty walking with a rolator.  He is currently on antibiotic and his mobility improves (walking without rolator) for a while after the antibiotic. I definitely think there is some connection that should be researched.  Prior to being diagnosed with Parkinson's he was treated for H Pylori.

A link to some research - hope this is ok rulewise

Google science of parkinson's doxycycline


The gist of the article is that it works, but taking long term antibiotics is a bad idea.  They are working on keeping the effectiveness without the downside to possibly create a new medication.


As well as having parkinsons, rheumatoid arthritis, I have a chronic skin condition and take an antibiotic evereyday called Lymecycline.

i dont know what effect this has on my parkinsons, but was very interested to reaad your post.

thanks Barbara.