Is anyone taking antidepressants for anxiety? Anxiety makes my PD symptoms worse but I can't find an AD which doesn't have unbearable side effects. I was recently prescribed Seroxat but it made me feel really ill (and made my PD symptoms much worse) so I had to stop taking it.

Nothing's easy, is it? frown

I am taking Citalopram.  It's early days and I am on a low dose, but I don't think I am suffering any side-effects.


I was prescribed Mirtazapine (main side effect weight gain ), not for depression or anxiety, but to improve my sleep. I had no problems with it, but did not think it improved my sleep sufficiently t o risk the weight gain


I was prescribed Amitriptyline in a low dose too help me sleep as i'm sure others have been, it has played it's part in helping me too sleep, i have had too make adjustments too figure out how it best plays its part in helping me too sleep,

even when other drugs are added such as entacapone which has and had the effect of altering my sleep from getting Quality deep sleep too being almost sleepless within a few weeks with pain, remembering too take that Amitriptyline earlier in the evening to null nerve pain in my sleep i hope regains that balance with controlled release Madopar giving me deeper restful sleep.

I haven't gained any weight, infact i've lost some, that isn't down too the Amitriptyline i have long lost a appetite or interest for food to eat a big meal, chasing food with a big spoon isn't very graceful. 

I ve had no ill effects from amitriptyline and i dont feel any addiction too it. a stigma from the past?.


I started on Citalopram two months ago for anxiety and it has really helped.  No side effects either.

Gaining weight is my problem - although this started two years ago.  Two stone heavier than I was at that time and heavier now than when I was nine months pregnant.

Have forgotten what sleep is!

I was on citalopram for nine months last year but it gave me a terrible cough and tight, wheezy chest.

I'm feeling so much better off the Seroxat, though, the anxiety is bearable - for now!