Anxiety [again]

Hi There, I wonder if anyone has got any useful feedback on how they deal with anxiety? Latest drug that has been suggested is Pregabalin but reading about it, it sounds like the side effects are horrendous!

Have tried so many anti d’s with no effect and presently on Fluoxetine which doesnt appear to be doing anything.

Am on waiting list at Salford for therapy but waiting list is 12 months.

Practice Mindfulness and Meditate daily.


Hi milly
Thanks for your post.
I’m due to join an eight week mindfulness and yoga course.
I intend to complete the course whilst I am much more likely to believe in science myself.
I have now been weaned off most of my antidepressants of which I thought fluoxetine (prosac) was indeed useless.
I tried duoloxatine which is basically fluoxetine for diabetic people but does ease the foot and leg pain but not so efficient for anxiety either.
The best anxiety med for me and you will appreciate it’s different for everyone was venlafaxine as I could even watch supervet with very little emotional issues something only people with anxiety would understand.
As I said I’m off all these meds and left on my long term ones amitriptytline and clonazepam. But now blub at the slightest sad Post even.
I hope you find the right solution for you and as you well know nothing is quick.
Also I hope therapy works for you but I personally found that a neuropsychologist who cannot prescribe meds quite useless as they tend to be a conduit for the consultant neurologist to change his diagnosis and then tell you it’s something else which leaves you with even more questions than when you started also eligible for more pip assessments and even though I am aware I’m neurlogically damaged, deeply suspicious.
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Hi, which mindfulness course are you going on? I just wondered also why you came off the Venlafaxine as I tried them but too any side effects! xx

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Hi Hilly
I start on the 5th of June in the church hall at the entrance to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.
I got on very well with venlafaxine but I also had painful legs like constantly climbing a steep hill and foot pain.
My tremor is in my right leg which shakes my whole body when I stand I also do not naturally swing my left arm and I hand is unable to close.

Sorry I digress the duoloxatine was seen as an antidepressant that may help the pain at the same time as my depression.
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Hi Hilly
The main reason at the moment for me to get off antidepressants with the help of my GP.
Is the fact that the experts (what do they know)
Have come to the conclusion that depression is the main cause of my tremor and are erring towards FND which I see as simply an umbrella term for f#*#*n no diagnosis.
Not withstanding that right now I have Aspiration Pneumonia and eat and drinking is an issue despite the fact that I have a voracious appetite not common for depressed people.
And a left hand that is impossible to close.
Therefore I have gone down this path to show them what I believe to be the true reason for my depression.
I believe that it is the complete opposite and that the tremor and dodgy hand were the cause of depression as I assumed I was frightened with no understanding of why? instead of what they think that depression is making me tremor.
Incidentally both my GP and psychologist are inclined to agree with me as I argue and fight my case with all experts no matter how intimidating they may be.
I truly believe the person who frightens me has not yet been born.
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Hi, thanks for the update. I was deciding not to start on Pregabalin after the horror stories but was speaking to the nurse practitioner at doctors yesterday and she said she was on them. Convinced me to give them a go so will start tonight and put an update on. I don’t actually think I am depressed , I think it is the anxiety relating to changes in brain as I don’t actually worry about anything in particular, just anxiety!!!

Can I ask how you got on with Pregabalin, as I started it today?