Anxiety and depression - have your say in a new Parliamentary inquiry

Hi all, 

I work in the policy and campaigns team at Parkinson's UK and just wanted to let you know about a new inquiry on anxiety and depression in Parkinson's that has been launched by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Parkinson's. 

The APPG is a group of MPs and Peers aiming to improve the lives of people affected by Parkinson's and we provide the secretariat for the group. 

The group is calling for people to share their experiences, views and insights, to help influence recommendations to be made to the government on improving mental health support for people with Parkinson's. This has never been explored in this detail before to improve policies - so I hope you will help shape this important work! 

To take part, you can use the following terms of reference document, which includes background to the inquiry, along with questions and guideline submissions. 

Alternatively, people can respond to a short survey online

The deadline for responses is 25 August 2017. 

Any questions, please email [email protected] 






I Notice from reading the terms and ref link it says something along the lines of 'we know different mental health conditions effect people living with parkinson's, but can we concentrate on anxiety & depression'.

Surely you have to look at the wider picture if you wish to help us?.

it's Also the mental health picture of our ability to THINK effected by Parkinsons,or Anxiety & depression, or the side effects of the drugs that can have a devastating effect on our lives and those around us.

If that is not recognised then it would be a Failure from the start, and i assure you from being on one of those group courses early on in my journey that had nothing to do with parkinsons, it was not covered, in fact illness in regards to Anxiety was only mentioned for a mere 30 seconds in a 10 hr course.

I have no wish to answer a Questionaire because it would not cover what I have said and how could i answer Question to something that is not available.


That is My say Quote me on It.


Hi Sea Angler,

Thanks for your post above.

Whilst we wanted to make people aware of this particular piece of work that is being run by MPs and Peers on anxiety and depression in Parkinson’s, I can assure you that in our policy and campaigning work we look at all the various mental health conditions people with Parkinson’s may experience, including the side effects of the drugs. Most recently, we put in a strong response to a consultation about how vital it is people are made aware of side effects of drugs, as people often tell us this has not been communicated, as well as raising mental health and Parkinson’s with candidates during the general election.

We also recently ran a survey around mental health and Parkinson’s and we’re currently planning a range of actions to improve mental health support available for people affected by Parkinson’s. 
If you’re interested in sharing your experiences to help shape our mental health campaigning work , please email [email protected]  

We will be continuing to do all we can to help decision makers better understand mental health and Parkinson’s and to get this on the agenda, this includes meeting Ministers and briefing MPs from all parties to help them understand the impact and the importance of timely access to appropriate and quality mental health support.

Best wishes,