Anxiety and Depression


My mom was diagnosed with PD about 2 years ago.  Initially she took her diagnosis very well, her physical symptoms weren't too bad, just a slight tremor and a little stiffness from time to time. Then about 15 months ago she had a total breakdown and mentally she has been in a very bad way ever since. She has severe anxiety and depression and has changed from being a very young positive and outgoing woman in her 70's to a terrified frail woman who seems to have no positive thoughts and can't feel any joy or happiness whatsoever. The simplest task is an enormous challenge and she finds even washing and dressing too much.  She was on Mirtazapine and Escitilopram for about a year and we saw very little improvement so she has recently been changed to Duloxetine and so far says she feels worse than ever although it is early days. Although there are a few other factors that could have contributed to her breakdown I think that PD is the main cause, is this quite a common symptom? I feel totally helpless, I want so much to help but am losing hope that we will ever get her feeling better.  I know there is no cure and she will never recover from PD but even to get her feeling stronger and brighter and enjoying life again.  She is still very capable physically but I feel that the clock is ticking and we should be making the most of every moment while we can! 

Hi Trixiebelle,

I'm sorry to hear that things suddenly changed for the worse for your Mom, and she has been struggling for so long. This must be very difficult for you both.

Anxiety may be related to changes in brain chemicals, and concerns about living with a long-term condition. We would always advise speaking to a medical professional about depression and anxiety and what treatments can help. 

One of our Helpline Nurses will be able to help with what might be causing this for your Mom, and what to do to help her. Please do call on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes to you both,

Joanne - Digital team. 


oh trixibelle

husband was voluntary admitted to hospital with severe depressin and close to hanging himself.

depression and anxiety are very much to do with Parkinsons. Neuro changed slowly mind you husbands medication to some that suit his meds better. So far the odd anxiety attack but fingers crossed at the moment. He has had therapy and also trying to do mindfulness.

All I can say is baby steps... There is the right medication out there. Just getting it right is the hard thing. Don't talk to just the GP, but the pd nurse and the neuro also.