Anxiety and Low Mood


Hi All, been diagnosed a couple of years and didn’t really have much in the way of symptoms before. My main issues are a strange wobbly muscle in my neck and anxiety. The muscle is called the Suprahyoid Muscle and the Consultants had never seen it before. I had botox in it but didn’t make a difference except my voice went slurred after 2 days so probably a side effect. Its still the same but I’m hoping it goes away as Botox fades away! It drives me mad as it goes on for hours at a time sometimes. Has anyone experienced anything like this. We are going to try a higher dose of Botox next time but need to be careful re voice.

I never had a days anxiety until about 2 years ago but my understanding is that it is because of the disruption of neurotransmitters. Having CBT and started on Prozac but I wondered what meds any other sufferers are on and any advice?

Trying to get to work for a few days a week but these are causing me problems.

Hilly xxx


Hi Hilly

You are having some unusual problems. The one thing I have realised is that PD is different for every single person. I have not had anyything like you, but maybe someone else will read your post and be abel to help you. In the meantime, try to keep smiling. You must be a very special person to get something so unusual.



Hi Hilly,

I suffer from anxiety. To find a fix is easier said than done. I see a CBT counseller which helps a bit. Exercise helps alot. I would be reluctant to go on medication for it without trying counselling and exercise first. I think we all take enough drugs as it is.

Good luck your not alone


When they did the botox there were about 8 people in there looking at my neck! I’m sure I’ll get somewhere and thank you for your reply.


Thanks for the reply. I’m having CBT also so hopefully will help.xx


Hi Hilly - there are times when it feels good to be the centre of attention. Hope you get some good results soon.