Anxiety and overthinking

My father in law is in later stages of Parkinson’s and has been I’ll/hospitalised with sepsis recently. Since getting home we have found he is very anxious and worried about various things including his health but really overthinking and worrying about silly things like not drinking enough water.

Has anyone ever seen this and can pass on any advice I think he perhaps need to see someone for his mental health or should we contact his Parkinson’s team?

Hi Cazcc,
We’re sorry to hear about your father in law’s struggles with anxiety. This can be a part of dealing with Parkinson’s, but happily there are loads of mental health resources out there that can help. We recommend calling our free and confidential helpline on 0808 800 0303 so they can identify assistance in your area. We would also point you to our website, which goes into detail in various ways regarding mental health. This section might be a good place to start.
With our best wishes and warmest welcome,
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