Anxiety, depression

I know anxiety/depression is a symptom of Parkies but I am getting worse! Most days feel what is the point! Anyone else feel same?

Hi @LittleMixWorry,

I’m so sorry to hear that your anxieties have worsened. I’m sure ypu’ve already come across the information we have on anxiety on our website, however if not, there is a lot of helpful information that you should probably take a look at. You can find this information here:

I would also suggest that you speak to your GP about this, they could either look into your medication or put you in contact with a counsellor. If you prefer to speak to a professionally trained counsellor, ask your GP for information. There are also counselling organisations that can give you information and details of private counsellors, including the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Mind is also a great charity for support with mental health issues like anxiety.

Please remember that you can always speak to one of our advisers via our helpline for more support on this, do give us a call on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,

Hi there, LMW. I am empathetic with your condition; sorry you are having such a tough time. I’ve had anxiety/depression it seems like forever. It took about three years trying different combinations of antidepressants to take most of the edge off. I didn’t seek help until about seven years ago. I was too anxious about braving a new situation to venture out. I would have panic attacks in situations where I didn’t have an immediate path for escape. I started having muscle symptoms in 1996. Went from doctor to doctor without getting an explanation. Slowly, the weakness got worse. Diagnosed with Parkinsonism in 2010 and then Parkinson’s Disease in 2018. Still trying to sort things out. Unless one has been through what seems to be a fruitless search for a diagnosis, the importance of having a name for what one is suffering is so undervalued. I did not care if it couldn’t be cured. Give me a name; tell me I’m not crazy.

Hi, here’s my experience for what its worth! I will be 60 in a couple of weeks, been lumbered with stuff for around 10 years now, I hate everyday and can’t wait to shuffle off, I have a noose ready and scalpel blades all over. I take 200mgs of sertraline daily along with 31 other pills and jabs, my life has no sense or purpose anymore I really don’t enjoy waking up anymore. I have a caring wife, 3 son’s, 8 grandchildren and Poppy my German Shepard she is the one that I live for she comes to me at just the right moments and forces a stroke or even cuddle, I firmly believe that the medication to maintain life are a complete waste of time I should just live as it’s intended only the fittest and strongest survive. If I could just go now I would be happy to have the chance to actually say goodbye to my family and thank them for the good, bad times and I will meet them again at the crossroads after I’ve made sure it’s safe for them. This is my fate or destiny accepting that my life will end early if not already! so why do I still check before I cross a road?

To you I say get the help and quickly, be honest with them and more importantly yourself! don’t do as I have done and “think of what I could do and what I’ll never do again” instead think of what you will do and go for it. x

Exactly how I feel!