my husband was diagnosed with pd 13 years ago and until last year when he fell and broke his hip he was doing really well, the op set him back a bit, then in January this year he fell again and broke the other hip, he was kept in hospital for three weeks for physio (almost non existent) since then he suffers with anxiety which is making him almost agrophobic, which is not doing either of us any good, he also suffers extreme tiredness, the doctor has given him antidepressants which may make him more tired! so I am loathe to give him those, does anyone have the same problems and perhaps have an answer, I have thought of cannabis oil or a herbal remedy, I would be grateful for any feedback.

Hi djjkeriffe,

I’m so sorry to hear that your husband is dealing with feeling anxious, it must be really tough for both of you. While I’m sure that our members of the forum will jump in with ideas and advice, I just wanted to let you know that we have some information and tips on coping with anxiety that you might find helpful here:

And if you think that having a chat with someone might be helpful, you can also give our Helpline a call on 0808 800 0303, from Monday to Friday: 9am-7pm, and Saturday: 10am-2pm.

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I think anxiety is the worst part of. Parkinson’s, I absolutely hate it. I have had to stop working, not emough money now so anxiety through roof. Am on antidepressants, had DBS and at my wits end. Sorry to hear about yiur hubby.

I use water soluble cbd and it has certainly helped me with depression and anxiety

Hi @LittleMixWorry,

I’m so sorry to hear how much anxiety has affected your life, it’s terrible what you’ve gone through. Do feel free to click the link above for information on the different forms of support available to you and remember our helpline is always here for you if you need someone to talk to.

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I have been dx 11 years and this year has been really awful. I suffer anxiety and i was feeling as if i had nonquality of life
I have been prescribed an anti depressant and after 2 months my anxiety has decreased and i feel.more in control.
Breathing and exercise help. I have had to force myself to go out or i would completely isolate myself. There are some good books on coping with anxiety. It helps to talk about it. I also kept a diary that clearly showed i became anxious when my medication was wearing off.

Can I ask which anti depressants you are on?

The effect of the anti depressants haven’t lasted. I am back to having no on periods despite taking 5 doses of 100 mg levedopa during the day, each dose accompanied by 200 mg of entacapone. In addition to that I take a slow release doses of siminet before bed. I take 45 mg of metazapine. I struggle with fatigue, depression and anxiety. Getting a shower each day is a mountain to climb.
I was full of hope in the early years after dx. A cure is just around the corner - said many people. I exercise when I have the energy, try to not isolate myself but it’s getting so hard. I hate being negative. Does anyone have any advise or treatment they can share that has helped them with the depression and anxiety side of this disease?

I would suggest propranolol for anxiety. I take them and they work fairly well.

I would also suggest valium, although my doctor will not prescribe that, saying he thinks it’s a horrible drug. But nonetheless, it’s worth asking yours.

Also, a thought is asking to switch from Mirtazapine to Sertraline, which is an anxiolytic amtidepressant.

I hope this helps you

Hi @juju,

I’m really sorry to hear that your depression has worsened, especially as the anti depressant medication seemed be working initially. I’d strongly recommend you go back to your GP so he or she can review your dosage - if you’re also finding that your self help measures (such as exercise) isn’t helping, your GP may recommend a course of talking therapy. This includes counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy. We have more information on therapy via our website here:

If you’d like to chat to someone about someone about what you’re going through, our helpline is here to support you in any way we can so please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0808 800 0303.

Do take care and please keep us posted on your progress and remember the forum community is also here to help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Juju, i have only been diagnosed 3 years but have the same issues, ie anxiety, fatigue etc. The Consultant has tried 6 anti depressants but side effects have been horrendous so we have given up on those, Practise Mindfulness daily but not sure where we go from here as on time is bad. Paying privately to start CBT tomorrow but this anxiety only started when PD did. Any help appreciated. xx