Anyone got any tips on dealing with anxiety? And what causes the anxiety? Sometimes I get anxious about the future and take citalopram. I also feel better after exercise, but have to build up the motivation to do exercise!

Hi forest. We’ve got lots of information and advice about Anxiety on our website, which you may find useful:

We’d also recommend you try contacting our Helpline, as they’re able to advise on a wide range of issues affecting Parkinson’s patients. You can reach them via email at [email protected], or call free on 0808 800 0303. Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm, and on Saturday from 10am-2pm.

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Hello Forest, anxiety is also my major concern at present. My triggers are based around me been very self consciousness, especially around friends and family.

I get very anxious about my slow reaction times to questions and in holding general conversations. I can also catastrophize any issue at anytime, no matter how trivial or serious but most significant of all my anxiety triggers is my inability to work.

However, i do recognise that part of me has changed, that is part of my PD, my former uber self confidence and ability to engage with people has gone…for now but i continue to work towards regaining those abilities.

I do have an initial psychology appointment in process which i believe will help me to focus more positively on managing my anxiety more effectively. My consultant has recently placed me on Mirtazapine and we are monitoring this intervention.

Anxiety has become a major part of my journey and been able to accept and address that outcome is slowly helping me to find new strategies for improvement and that i am still me. I eek out anything that i feel is making me anxious, my wife will recognise my anxiety markers (such as increasing tremor and pacing) and we focus on and explore the anxiety trigger. CBT can be helpful, as can advance planning and talking, this often puts matters into a more clear and ‘realistic’ perspective.

My best outcome so far, is that i have stopped apologising for my visible tremors, in turn this result has helped me to identify that progress can be achieved with support and determination. Keep strong.

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Thank you trident and moderator.

The term catastrophize is interesting as I feel I do this. But am unsure whether it is because I feel things have become more important than prior diagnosis, or if its just part of the disease process. I also find that I ask for re-assurance more. I don’t think this is down to my symptoms “being embarrassing”, its just I need to double check!

I agree trying to identify the cause is important - I guess its a fear of “being too late” if something isn’t done or correct. I don’t want to miss out, make a mistake, in life as I physically may not be able to do it again! Or maybe its just my frustration as I get older!



This helps me with anxiety.

If I am in bed with things going round my head unable to sleep I do a “bodyscan”. Basically lie flat out on your back and visualise each part of your body and tell yourself it is relaxed. I start with the feet and work my way up the front, down the arms, round the head and down the back to the feet. Tense up and release each part as you do it. Deep breathing emphasises each move and helps relaxation. I often find my right lower jaw clicks as I move it side to side due to built up tension. After a few movements the tension is released.
In the daytime another thing that may help is Qigong moves from Tai Chi. There are lots of videos with moves if you do a web search. I sometimes do these in the garden. It can help clear the mind.

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Hi Forest,

Sorry to hear you’re having a difficult time at the moment, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) can be really helpful for treatment of anxiety as it looks at giving you really practical tools to manage how you’re feeling - especially if you notice that you’re worrying a lot. Your local IAPT (improving access to psychological therapies) service can offer CBT on the NHS - you can usually refer yourself into the service or you can go to your GP to ask for more information or for them to refer you in.

Exercise is definitely a great way to reduce anxiety but also manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s - if you’re struggling with motivation at times, could you break it down into smaller goals? Start with some stretching or have your exercise kit out ready so you’re more likely to do it? It will soon become a normal part of your routine and I imagine when you carry on seeing the links between exercise and feeling better that’ll be really useful for keeping motivation up.

Wishing you all the best, Laura.

Look into CBD Oil. Good site is Simply CBD. It is good for anxiety and not expensive. They will advise you.