I am new to both Parkinson's & this forum so apologies if this topic has been covered in a previous post.

My Mum was diagnosed about 18 months ago & we are struggling to be honest. Unfortunately ( for various reasons) we have been left without a specialist Parkinson's nurse & Mum's GP is not the best I have encountered. So I'm hoping someone out there can help. It's the anxiety that seems to be causing most problems. Mum has seen GP relating to this & was on a course of anti- depressants which helped tpo a certain degree, when she seemed at rock bottom. However, some days she is literally crippled with anxiety & in 2 years has gone from a happy, outgoing lady who was a member of various societies (knitting, crafting etc) she volunteered for various community activities &had many friends. These days she doesn't want to see people, cries constantly & even a trip to her favourite shop (M&S where she worked for 30 yrs) has become a huge ordeal.I live 30 miles away & also work & so keep in touch by phone a lot. Some days she won't  even talk to me .Most of her care is provided by my 80 yr old father who is not in the best health & they have a lady who helps with the cleaning & a gardener.

 It's the not knowing how she will be from day to day that we struggle with. The GP is very reluctant to change any medication but has given her a very low dose of Diazepam with a warning that it's highly addictive ! This has made Mum reluctant to take them, although they do help a little if we can persuade her.

Does anyone have any advice for us as like I say we are struggling to cope & I am now feeling very stressed & anxious myself.

Firstly,  please do phone the helpline above.  They can  advise on every aspect of Parkinsons.


You do not mention a neurologist.  Ideally your specialist should be a neuro.specialist in movement disorders.  Most GP's would admit to knowing very little about the management of PD..  Anxiety is very common in  Parkinsons and sometimes pre-dates the diagnosis.  Most people, at whatever age,  are very shocked at the PD diagnosis and your mother may be sparing you the worst of her fears especially if like me the only person I had known with PD was my mother-in-law years ago when the there was no treatment. Today, seven years from diagnosis and now  76, most people would not know I had PD.


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Hi Kim,


Have  a look at the ...You tube link  at the bottom of this page.  Most of the speakers are people with Parkinsons. 

Thanks Eileen I will have a look & phone helpline.

Very best wishes x

Hi my wife is asking on my behalf. I have had PD for 15 years my biggest problem now and has been for a long while is the pain when coming out of my sinnamet tablets my neck shoulders lock the speed of my shaking is terrific does anyone have any idea's of a way to ease one seems to be able to advise us first time we have used this site 


Hi arnold77,

I'm so sorry to read about your pain and tremors. There might be some other forum users who have a similar experience and have some advice for you.

Please remember you are welcome to give us a ring on 0808 800 0303 to speak to one of our nurses about this. 

Best wishes to both of you,

Ilona (Moderation Team).


I wake up with anxiety also but I know the racing thoughts have more to do with my dopamine level then reality of my thoughts.So I have a laugh first at the revollting development and maybe get up and take a pill,C/L,LOL

Im 68 now and remind myself I have much to look forward to regarldless of parkinson.Getting up and moving my muscles puts much of the cheer back ,I know many friends who are muchworse off even some who have died.

Yes I m sure im somewhat depressed as everyone with PD also is but I know I can muster on and wear my happy face and do good before my time comes.

My best help of course is from Dr.Abraham Low founder of recovery inc.He is always there for me and anyone else ready to listen.

Hope your friend gets well it can be done,PD realy is a much better fate than other disease like cancer.



Thanks John I love your positive outlook I hope that in time my Mum will start to feel like you 

Best wishes 


i get pain also wearing of c/l

sometimes can be just a twinge or it can be a hard shock.I then starts my body rocking with arm jerking shoulders shrugs .I guess be have to avoid waiting to long between c/l doses .Taking to much also brings on the involuntary movements.


I am about to try apro infusion pump is anyone already using one and can tell me how it's working for them. I am typing this on behalf of my husband 

Hello Arnolds Lady

                         Are referring to the Ddopa pump or another make,  I my case a visit from Bridgett my brilliant Dopa Nurse suggested a  change  of the tubing carrying the Lev/carbidopa gell to  my small intestine , now I  know that i was due  a intermediate 10000ml service and MOT which I  passed but I hoped that our  planet would  be atomised by massive asteroids before I needed this  work  doing, the reason is  this  ANXIETY and SEVERE BACK PAIN  when I lie on  my  back which I  must do  allowing the  surgeon access  to my   Abdommenumenum,  oh  b???? R  I can never spell abdomen, in other  words Im  bottling it  or  wimping  it , the date has not been  set  yet though all criteria pertaining are met  , my Dopa Nurse Bridget has  placed bets- the op will be NOVEMBER  THE Ahhhhh  oh  erm  sorry I  forget, now as you see  its  up  to  me how anxieteee IS MANAGED  Lady Arnold  and  though my brain is  damaged by the OLD ENEMEEE PARKEE I ENJOY writing silly poems or perhaps POETRYEEE rhymes better especiallyeee  if  its  sill eeeeeeeeeeee, so there  you have it  my forum buddy I hope my  lighthearted  response does not  imply  I am  not  taking the problems all  who  have contributed  to   this  thread  seriouslyeee  far  from  it my  friends  , you  know  how  deep  sea  divers get te bends well thats not how  this prose ends it will    surface again elsewhere,  possibly in the area  of comfy  chairs sssSO  THERE

                        Appologies to Lady J of Grey and   all  other poetrians


My appologies  having not  read  your post correctly I  see its   a  different  pump  to   yours  sorry,, im  a  bit  of  a  DUNDERHEED AT    times,  but  not  always


Laughter is indeed often the best medicine… keep a ready supply of comedy about to draw on in times of anxiety…