Any help would be appreciared

Hi l am new to the group after the shock of my husband being advised he could have Parkinsons, he has been treated for a spasim in his wrist/hand for several months prior to being told it was tennis elbow for which he had a steroid injection which failed to work. He also had a MRI which only showed aged related markings, and a a neurologist

Hi Jackie and a warm welcome to the forum! Our thoughts go out to you and your husband in this really difficult time for you both.
In addition to the forum, I just wanted to signpost our info and support space on the website (link below) which we hope you might find to be a useful resource.

You can view what local support groups are available to you and there’s also information about our helpline, in which you can speak to our friendly team if you have a specific question.

Best wishes
Tom A, Parkinson’s UK Moderation Team.

Hello Jackie. Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of the diagnosis. Has any medication been prescribed?

Don’t worry too much, parkinson’s is not as bad as you might think, try and enjoy your lives together for as long as you can, it may be years, bye.

Try not too worry too much and take it steady and give yourselves time to get used to it, it is possible to have a good life with PD a bit challenging at times and maybe not the life you saw for yourselves, but a good life nonetheless. If you and your husband can stay positive that really does help and don’t concentrate on it so much you forget about having fun. Laughing is a great medicine. Good luck to you.

Jackie 1 I know you are worried. But the word could. And even if one has PD it does not mean life is a misery. I am stage 3 and my wife still goes to book club, outings with friends and so on. Those of us with PD no matter what country were from got two paths we can pick. Live life or not. The meds , exercise, help allot for us. My better half and I go about life as always. PD is what you decide to make it. I am looking forward to the holidays. My best advise to you is to put PD aside for now go enjoy the holiday.