Any tips for long-haul travel?

I'm hoping to go to Australia this summer, but very worried about how to cope with the long flights. Anyone out there with experience of doing this, tips for coping with the long hours on the plane, ideas for breaking up the journey etc?

I'm mobile, taking Azilect and Requip XL at present, but due to start levadopa too. Suffer from chronic anxiety, which certainly triggers my symptoms. Will be travelling with my husband and 11 year old son.


The longest flight I take each year is to Orlando in Florida USA, have had Parky's for just over 2. Years.

All I can suggest is sleep when you are tired, watch the films on board the flight and do some crossword puzzles or play games if those are on offer on the flight. This all seems to work for me.

I too am on Azilet and Requip XL although have only just started on the Requip XL which seems to be helping with restless body and legs.

Hope your trip goes well, cool


toilets are a big, or rather teensy weensy problem. getting  out of seat in flight can be tricky as is putting stuff overhead. also sitting still.

answer - business class!  No? 

other suggestions

- a stopover

-dont take too much stuff on board

- aisle seat

- bulkhead seat (near the  business class toilet and lots of room)

- stretches at regular intervals

- you should drink plenty - but more trips to toilet!

- ask doctor about sedatives (for 11 year old), or taking an extra tablet if needed.

- keep meds needed on trip in small handbag or such easily reached

-keep other med supplies in suitcase or even split between two suitcases

- take prescriptions with you

- let everyone else get off first


Buy some good incontinence pads and underwear.  Even if you don't need it normally it reduces the worry of needing the toilet.

Don't drink alcohol but do drink plenty of water.

Wear loose clothing and have a warm cardy or jumper - the air conditioning can be very chilly.

Take a variety of things to do on the aircraft.  I find my ipad is invaluable as it has games, books, music and podcasts.  Does your son have one?

If you can afford a stop over then take one.   

You can wander about as long as there is no turbulence.

Hope you have a good time in Australia


Hi jjbxl, I have similiar problems and spoke to my GP who prescribed Diazepam which is specifically for anxiety, and/or insomia. Works for me.

I used it for the 4 hour flight to Crete and felt safe to drive once i got there, if i had'nt then my partner would've driven.

Different story this year as we're divorcing and left wondering if I'll make it on my own, and thinking do i really want to go alone and the simple answer is no.

Where does one find a holiday companion, who has a similiar disability, and still has a zest for life and adventure ?


I wish you a safe and comfortable journey to Australia, try listening to relaxing music and of course there should be onboard movies. If you or your son has an IPad you could take your own choice of music and movies.

Have funbig grin


Thanks for all these tips, I will take note. Just been to Spain and followed Turnip's tips about taking meds in hand luggage + spares in another bag, + taking spare prescriptions. Also medical notes just in case. Will be looking into option of stopovers. Plus will ask doctor's advise on meds during trip.

Kyloe, sorry to hear about your current situation, hope you will find some travelling companions.


Hi we did the big trip last year Scotland -Hong Kong -Austrailia and Tasmania -Bangkok and Koh Samui then home again. it was fantastic and I coped better than I thought I would .

Aisle seat good for going for stretch.

Take meds in hand luggage so no worries if hold baggage goes AWOL .take prescription along too just to show you are prescribed said meds (I was never asked )

I did things on hol that I didn't think i could ! swam on the great barrier reef with a sea turtle ! cuddled a Koala-

Bangkok was a bit too hot and sticky but a wonderful expierence,We deliberately spent the last 5 days chilling out in Thailand ---


Enjoy it

J x


thanks, that's very encouraging


Hi jjbxl,

We have just published an updated version of our 'International travel and Parkinson's' information sheet, which could be worth a read as you plan your trip. You can find it here: