Anybody else get this?


does anybody else find that their letters from the neurologist are incorrect?  We received a copy of the letter from the neurologist to the GP giving him the details of her new prescription and regime.  It is not what we discussed at the appointment.  This is the second time this has happened. 

my mums dose has now been reduced at the time she needs it the most! Very frustrating as they will now have to wait for another letter to be sent to GP and may run out of meds by then! 

just wondering if anyone else has suffered this?


I find that letters from the clinic can take over three months to reach my GP - and only if I chase.

Would be interesting to know where your consultant is based, but I also find that the letter is an incorrect interpretation of the appointment.

Dont put up with it - tell them you are not happy and make sure the review is correct - it is important to get the correct treatment for your Mum.  I have been battling for the past 10 years to get the level of treatment I feel I am owed,but it is constant.

Considering that stress is the last thing PD sufferers need, your Mum is lucky to have you looking afteer her.

Best of luck with sorting this out

Thanks OxfordGills for replying, we live in Stoke on Trent.  I actually work in the NHS myself and have had a good experience with the Neurologists secretary, she is very nice and extremely helpful.  I always make sure a copy of the letter is faxed to the GP, and a copy is sent to my parents home, so they have a paper record of what is happening and they also know exactly when the letter is sent and we chase the secretary if it seems to be taking a long time. If you want a copy sent to yourself it is your right but make sure you ask the neurologist or PD nurse at the end of the appt.  it is more difficult to request copies once you have left the examination room.  3 months is an extremely long time.  I am a secretary in another department and we have to send our letters out within 3 days unless there are staff shortages, which our managers try to fill with agency staff as soon as they can.  My neurologists secretary normally has the letter faxed over within 10 days at the most.  

Hope that helps. 

sharon x