Anybody going to the moving forward together event?

Hi folks i got my confirmation email for this event ! I just wondered if anyone out there has got theirs and look forward to meeting you there ! warmest wishes Mick
Got mine too Plumber, see you there.:grin:
Sounds interesting. Unfortunately I'm too old!
No,No and No.
I'm not going either.

I'm liable to say something out of turn and get thrown out.

Then where would I be. In Stratford Upon Avon without a paddle. No doubt having to quote Shakespeare for my supper, left to hitch hike home and no doubt be left for dead in a ditch by the side of the road.


So for that reason: I'm out.
im not able to go either,i got my leter and rang up,no answer for ages got through eventually to be told all tickets had gone,it had bin on the website,but unless it is advertized on the forum how do people no of this unless they are told,i was totally unawre of it until the leter came,and when it did i got so excited about it cus i really wonted to go never thought i would get turned down.i bin told im 2nd on the reserve list now,if anyone is unable to go for any reason ,so i guess i got to wait now rite up till last min to see wot happins.:rolling_eyes:
Hi Plumber & Caroline, i got confirmation e-mail too so look forward to meeting you :).

To all those that now find they cannot attend I put a message on 'about the forum' re this event asking for people to let organisers know a.s.a.p so that those that are waiting get a chance to go.

Best wishes
Well done that lass!
I shall be there - look forward to meeting u !
i think there is 2 threads on this subject now,so i shall rite now,iam NOW gt,see u all there:wink::smile: