Anybody had DBS at Oxford

Hello , I just wondered if anyone could enlighten me. I had dbs at bristol and whilst its effect on my tremor has been wnderful thwe have ben several side effects in the areas of balance, voice and a facial tick. I am therefore seeking a 2nd opinion and gDBS kit (model Gevia) as i am fitted with.

I am told that the Gevia can be programmed with 'Directional Steering ’ a fairly new and more accurate form of programming but it doesnt force the use of this feature and it can be programmed without the use of DS.

My question is does anybody know of the use of the Boston scientific vercise Gevia
Stimulator at oxford . Furtheermore can they confim thAT OXFORD have experience of using the Gevia for DBS using directional steering and /or not using the DS feature (ie; its not obligatory)

Hi there, i am sorry your experience isnt so positive,
maybe it needs adjusting.
My hubby had the Boston Scientific fitted in Feb21 in Glasgow. Before they let him off the table they played about with the probes to make sure they had them in the correct spots.
I have to say he has had nothing but fantastic results. His tremor is only slight now, i no longer need to help him cut his food, he walks so much better & not so stiff. Speach only affected when he is tired, and he doesnt have any side effects.
Maybe you need to speak with your DBS team & see if there is something they can do. Hubbys team & DBS nurse have been nothing but fantastic.
Hope you are able to get things sorted.
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