Anyone can get Parkinson's

Parkinson’s Awareness Week, What a great idea,
As most seem to think of it as shaking oldies, so let us make it clear,
That this sly and cunning condition doesn’t take age into consideration,
And that the very annoying and tiring shake is just one manifestation.

Today I was part of a ‘flashmob’ where dancers, some parkies, some not,
Moved to the sound of different tracks focussing on movement problems we’ve got.
The end was very dramatic, as standing like stone they each held a shoe.
What and how would you feel if this shoe belonged to you?

Which symptoms would you show? The face without the smile?
Or be the one who can barely walk but can easily run a mile?
Will you be the one who freezes when stepping into the road?
Or might you be the one who emotionally cannot take this heavy load?

Anyone can get Parkinson’s, if you do life will turn upside down,
But we are a hardy bunch so if you see any of us about the town,
Give us just a little more time and just a little more space.
You can help to make our world a more understanding and accepting place.