Anyone changed their diet?

Hi, up until now I have not timed my tablet around my meals just ate when I fancied. Now I am beginning to feel more symptoms of my PD, ie weakness in my limbs, I am thinking I should start eating not too close to taking my medication.

I am interested to know now what other PD sufferers do? Or even foods people have given up or started eating which has helped them.

Thanks xx

A while ago I posted regarding dairy products & PD. Since changing from cows milk to almond/soya/oat milks + soya yogurts at breakfast back in November 2018 my husbands regular morning ‘off periods’ which lasted for between 60 and 90 minutes EVERY morning for several years have completely disappeared. I have recently spoken to a nutricianist who informed me that it is a well know fact that giving up dairy products helps with all neurological diseases such as PD,MS etc. Hope that helps, I always think that anything is worth a try. Also, on the advice found on this website he also has a teaspoon of Mucuna Prurians powder in soya milk first thing each morning, this is a natural form of dopamine, I buy it online from Indigo Herbs Ltd.

Hi Margs,

You didn‘t say which medicine you take, but dopamine for example must not be taken with proteines e.g. milk, eggs, cheese as they block its impact.

I saw Ian Frizell‘s vlog #97 about intermittent fasting and I follow this diet now. I think it helps me feel better…