Anyone else get. The Munchies


Look at the time of this post. I wake up and need  "  food." Anything will​ do.   /   chocolate​ / toast and marmalade /cake / biscuits. The Munchies​ is associated​ with drug taking and damage to neurotransmitters. Sound familiar​?  Mike


Yeah! Lay off the wacky baccy muttley!


Muttley came to me from Ebay from "a smoke free home",.. he is as clean livin boy




Since changing from Stalevo to Sastravi Ive really been eating loads more snacky type stuff, especially just before I go to bed which isn't healthy. Or maybe it's just because it's often still quite light when I'm thinking of going to bed . Just got weighed at the PD clinic and will do  so  again  early August so I'll see if I've gained much weight 




You haven't suffered from munchies until you toast a frozen yorkshire pud over the gas hob, knob of butter, spoon of demerara, squash it a bit and down.........


Well, Mike.......I too was eating chocolate at around that time yesterday morning.  Woke up, went to the loo, then rummaged in my handbag beside the bed for chocolate. I'd been to a party the night before and was staying with a friend. There were bowls ol sweets and chocolates at the party and a few happened to fall into my bag for later!! Don't do this a lot though!



same as twinks..never used to touch chocolate ,now ive got a sweet tooth and snack at all sorts of that the meds  causing me to do that ?


Gald to hear I am not the only one snacking at all times of the day and night, don't think it is the meds I haven't started them yet, but could do with the extra weight so am not to bothered 

C x


Hi Everyone,

Just wondered if anyone can throw any light  on this result of my MRI brain scan, result says and I quote,

Scan does not show hydrocephalus, significant vascular disease, or other Parkinsonian mimic conditions.

does that mean I don't have PD ?????

C xx


Hi Clemmo, an MRI scan cannot tell whether you have Parkinson's or not, so a DatScan is usually required. But it sounds like you may not be sent for one, if your neorologist is happy with the MRI scan results. Fingers crossed that all is well!!!!




Hi Clemmo

What the MRI shows is that you don't have any of the main conditions than can give Parkinson-like symptoms and signs. 

The next move will be to do a DATscan to try establish a diagnosis.

So the answer to your question is no, it doesn't show you don't have Parkinson's.


I get the munchies from about 8pm till I go to bed ,and now and again in the night ,erm jam butties is my fix , was a size 12 now a good 14 ooh this can't go on help!