Anyone else suffer from a form of dislexcia

only its when Iam typing have a habit of joiningup words and spelling wrong
Yes occasionaly, especially if some letter groups repeat in the same sentence.
Also occasionaly transpose number positions when, for example, writing down 8 digit part numbers. Don't recall doing it pre PD, but perhaps like others I am fairly self critical thus it looks worse than it really is. PD Nurse says don't be too hard on myself!
Regards Tractorman.
yep im dyslexia,im 43 ,ive had pd neally 12 my life has gone along i seem to go through stages,some times when im tired me riting gets alot worse,and i find i go round and round to try and express wot im trying to say as well,i never used to do that before pd.i paid privetly few months back to try and improve in me riting but i dint lie the tutor very much and could not concentrate on wot i was doin.i no there is corses at colleges for this of any age,me ocupational health man ,simon told me,but i could not go i dont have enough confidence to go in such a busy place like that ,i have to have a carer with me anyway ,but my convidence levels are not to good.a few people on the forum have had not good words to say to me before in the past cus they could not read me riting.but then alot people say ali its who you are,you carnt help your dyslexic,iam trying ,but like i said depends on time of day also if im tired and me brain ant functionin to good,i dunna no if that happins to you or others at all?:smile:
My husband isn't dyslexic with the reading or writing , in fact it was what kept the bread and butter on the table for us ..

He did although have a problem with dexterity all his life he saw and did everythoing back to front or the opposite . using a tin opener , reading maps , get land and sea back to front . I use to joke that he was mechanically dyslexic .
Hi Ali j
Its just on of the many symptoms of pd.i type a word in the iPad and it looks like its in another language so
if TEHY CNAT RAED TIHS IST TEHRE PRBOLEM. Writing is the least of my problems I don't know about you ut luck at the ties posted this and I haven't been to sleep yet and idlike to get rind of the constant pain all the best.john
Like gcy I am findig recentlu that I cannot type properlyu. I think iti is partly due to my having developed Carpal Tuunnel Syndrome in my right hand. I cannot feel properly with my fingertips. However, when I first developed PD and I was on pramipexole only, my typing became very inaccurate. It got much better, as did my handwritingm, when I was put on Sinemet, about 4 years ago. I am still o the Sinhemet, but my walkaing has deteriorated recently, as I often cannot get myself standing up straight, and at the same time my typing has become strange.
I have not corrected my errors in this message, as they are typical. Extra 'u's at the ends of words, 'h's inserted, etc., letters left out. First thing in athe morning I can often type qute well, but it deteriorates during the day, worst in the afternoon.
It is not dyslexia, as my spelling is almost faultless and has been all my life. I just cannot type straight. I have just managed two sentences without an error! My handwriting also fluctuates at the present time from perfectly normal to an illegible scrawl.

Thank you for all your replies

i find it very stressful and I am very clumsy and intricate tasks, even putting a key in a door can be hard

Hi all

Yes, typing (which I do all day) is a problem. Either my poor hand is slow on the uptake, resulting in missing or reversed letters (stop me if I've told you this before, but it's like being in an old Morecambe and Wise sketch - I'm hitting all the right keys, just not necessarily in the right order . . . ). Or it shakes so much that letters are repeated - and that's with sticky keys etc switched on. Same sort of thing with most bi-lateral digital manipulation (doing things with two hands.) Mostly now, I type with one hand.

But it's better than it was without meds. Especially the handwriting.

i agree with gcy about keys. Irritating. And putting plugs into sockets. Don't let those inanimate objects stress you! is advice I don't take often enough.


Yes to all of th eabove. Particualry worse int eh evenings, but as you can see, it happens inteh afternoon as well. I think the desktop keyboard is partly to blame, as I typed bettr eith the laptop I had. This started happening before my dx, but has worsened since.

I am slightly undermedicated, so think I'd be better with more meds.

SInce my dx I usualy type my posts, emails, etc intoa WOrd document. That autocorrecs some of eh mistakes, then I right click to fix spellingsg on others, and manually edit the rest, then copy and paste. It has stopped me writing long letters!

Keys are a pain. When we caem home todasy I offered to open teh front door, but hubby woudl have been much quicker to do it, even with two arms loaded with shopping. Lately I have been throwing them down on teh shelf outside the door, then picking up teh correct key to use.


My experience with typing echoes Semele's to the letter (well one of the letters - thank god for spell check).  I first noticed in the run up to my dx. that I was missing the first letter of some words and transposing pairs of letters when handwriting.  I  decided that my brain was going on to the next letter before my right hand had got into gear. I am retired but lately typing a great deal more for various volunteering tobs and  although I have no really noticeable tremor most of the time, even with sticky keys I have produced up to four repeats of the same letter.  You could not do that if you tried.


Does anyone know how to cancel the facility whereby you can do short-cuts  by using the control key with certain other keys as    I keep hitting it with various letters and  as I am a touch typist I can have typed a whole line before I realise I am in italics or some dialogue box has popped up. 

Hi Eileenpatricia

Is this in Word? It's a bit of a pain but (in my ancient version) it's Tools > Customise > Keyboard...

Then you can change any shortcut keys (including deleting the shortcut) that you want (assuming you can find them in the great long lists.

Yours in typing frustration


Thanks a lot for the tip.  I see I typed tob instead of job - not a slip of the hand - more a slip of the brain.





My first reply disappeared.


Thanks a lot for the tip.  I see I typed tob instead of job in my last post.  M<ore a slip of the brain than the hand.