Anyone else using Zandopa?

I'm desperately looking for someone in the UK who uses Zandopa who would kindly sell or loan me 4 jars of  the Zandopa whilst I wait for a new supply to arrive from India.

I've been using Zandopa more successfully than Madopar for around 7 years (Madopar gave me bad side affects with kick-in and wear off). Unfortunately the most recent batch of Zandopa I've imported from India appears to be faulty and won't work. I'm sure it's a faulty batch because doses left from previous batch worked. It takes 2-4 weeks for shipment from India and unable to find anyone who stocks it in UK. Ordered and tried 1mg Mucuna Pruriens powder from Indigo Herbs instead hoping it would work like Zandopa - unfortunately it only produced negative affect for me with no kick-in. Hence my appeal. 

I live in East London and could arrange for someone to collect locally for me or postal if further afield. Can we make arrangements through 'personal messaging' option in the forum if you are able to assist. 

I don't have any but am very curious!

What is it and how expensive is it?

Do you get any criticism from neuro about refusing usual meds?

hope you find supplies.


You can buy this from amazon £29.99

Hey Rosie, I happened to come across a post about Zandopa yesterday. I’ve been buying it for my father. You can get it in a bundle.