Anyone go to a gym for exercise?

I was at my consultant today and she suggested I should try a gym
It’s all a bit daunting for a 70 year old guy
I phoned our local gym and have been invited down on Friday
I explained I have other health problems and they said it wasn’t a problem,my mobility is suspect but I don’t have many obvious signs like a tremor.
At my age I am a wee bit apprehensive
Any advice and I will be eternally grateful

Hi Campbell,

Dont worry, my advise would be to listen to the gym staff, they know what they are talking about so take their advise. Take it nice and slowly at first building up at your own pace. Whatever exercise regime you embark on always warm up and cool down after. The gym staff should guide you with this. And lastly dont go everyday, try and do alternate days with rest days between your sessions.

Good luck , aswell as improving your overall wellbeing you might even enjoy it and meet new friends


I’m hoping so as I tend to get cabin fever in winter

Hello Campbell…I’m a ‘nearly 69 year old woman’ and before I was diagnosed with PD last year I had joined a gym just to keep active. I eventually joined a low impact circuit class with people of my age group; this was OK but I had to adapt some of the exercises due to my poor balance, but I found a way of still taking part. I also exercised on the bike and ‘walking contraption’ …all at my own pace. Not only was this good for keeping me physically active but it gave me a more positive outlook,

I then had swimming lessons and was taught the breast stroke (keeping my head down when swimming)…I usually swim about 600 metres a week…this is also very beneficial…give it a go! Let me know how you get on.

Regards ‘The Scottish Terrier’!

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I’m going for a look around and meet with fitness trainer tomorrow 11am
I will update when I come back

Hi agin gcy

Go to the gym without fear - you will find you enjoy it if you don’t overdo it at first. I am 82 and still go egularly although with difficulty at the moment as I am not yet allowed to drive (after having a stroke) My 90 year old husband also goes twice a week (my chauffeur) and is really fit.
Enjoy the experience - I’m sure you will.

For those who don’t like the idea of going to a gym, search for Calisthenics in YouTube. The exercises are as simple or as difficult as you wish and require minimal equipment. What I like is that there are goals and I don’t have to mindlessly pull or row on an expensive gadget listening to ghastly music.

Dependant on the area you live , your GP can refer you to a local council run gym for advice on health and fitness. There is a reduction on the cost for membership and classes, swimming etc for approx a 16 week period.
May be worth asking if you can be referred for a healthy lifestyles programme , your pd nurse may know or pd support worker what is available to help you in your area.
Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

i am 57 and 6 years after diagnosis
Going to the gym makes an enormous difference to my control of symptoms. If I don’t go regularly I suffer many more off episodes, going regularly seems to charge up my muscles and i can spread out my drugs a little as i stay on longer

i also do balance and stretching work with remarkable results

so please don’t be daunted, go all out i say!


Well it’s first gym session at 11am
Still a bit scary but I will succeed
Update when I come back

Hi gcy

Good luck at the gym, Hope it goes well…


I really enjoyed it,but tired now ,back again in a couple of days

Great news, gcy.

Hi gcy
That’s really good news. Feeling tired for a good reason is better than just feeling tired for no reason. Keep it up and you will surely get stronger and fitter. Who knows how much better you will feel.

At least it hasn’t put you off and you’re going back… Let us know how it goes

1hour on the bike
Knackered now but happy

Well done you! I just went for a brisk 40 minute walk round the reservoir…

Hello gyc,

I am taking part in a PD research programme called PRoBaND (not sure what that means and that’s how it is written, it’s not my typing!!).

At my last session in December the co-ordinator/nurse very kindly gave me an internet link to the local pain management clinic website which, amongst many other pain issues, contains information and video workout for using Tai Chi. Tai Chi is one of the exercises which are thought to be beneficial to people with our condition, so if you would like to download this information let me know and I will send you the link. It is less demanding than going to the gym and it is done ‘in the comfort of your own home’. The background music may raise a gentle laugh as well which helps to keep our spirits up.

In the meantime take it easy.

Best wishes.


Hi, gyc. Exercise has NEVER been part of my vocabulary! But after my diagnosis 8 months ago ( i’m 70) I was told to “keep moving” to keep ahead of my PD. We go to the gym 3 days a week and work out for 1 hour. The recumbent bike is my choice for 20 minutes and then arm muscle machines. At first, I was exhausted after each session and just crashed on the couch for the afternoon. Now after 8 months of this routine, I find I have a little more energy when I arrive home to piddle in my garden for 30 minutes or so. I now am feeling more positive in general. Getting the blood flowing through the brain seems to clear my thinking and energy level a bit. One day at a time—do what you can when you can, and rest when you can’t!

Hello to all,
Everybody is telling me that sports an activity is extremely well with PD. I agree.
I’m 57 and have been diagnosed last summer.
I was never the sportive guy and when fully working, getting up at 6am, prepare breakfast, walk the dogs, work until 6:30pm, get home, walk the dogs again, at 8pm I fall on the sofa ( I know that’s not good ).
Weekends are filled with groceries shopping some walks, dog walking again, see friends and rarely go to the public pool for a swim. No Constance though I admit.

I would need to work part time but … the money.

So me and my wife downloaded a nice yoga app: Daily Yoga on the app stores. You can buy membership but there is a free beginners option which gives you a 20 minutes daily yoga practice for 10 days (which you can repeat as much as you want).

I find it is a good start to regularly do something … and who knows … may be more

Hope it helps somebody