Anyone got Continuing Healthcare?


Hi just wondering if anyone has applied for Continuing Healthcare and whether they were accepted or rejected.

My mum is gradually deteriorating and my father is struggling to cope.  She really wants to stay at home and I can help occasionally but limited with work and child care.  I think they need some healthcare help at home to take stress away from my dad.  She needs a hospital bed and help getting to the loo or camode as her movement is very limited now and she needs holding up when trying to walk with a Zimmer frame, she will need help getting dressed, washing, etc. 

Just wondering how hard it is to apply for and actually get CHC? 

Sharon x


there's a thread here: And a Q & A here:


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Thank you Semele

i have just watched a brilliant You Tube video by Prof Luke Clements - link below - this was recommended to me by my mum's social worker for anyone who is looking into Continuing Healthcare for their relatives.  It gives hope and examples of how the Law is applied with benchmark cases and the fact the the Decision making tool is only a tool and a decision should not solely be made on its basis if the law implies otherwise.

hope it works it's a really helpful.  If the link doesn't work then just google Luke Clemments Continuing Healthcare and pick up the you tube video from there - it is an hour long but full of information and facts. 

sharon x 


Thanks very much Sharon. Your link doesn't work now but I found this that I think must be a revised version:

A truly excellent lecture. Absolutely superb.


After seeing the Luke Clements video, I decided to do as much as I could to prepare for the scheduled CHC meeting. It was very stressful, like trying to revise for an exam or prepare for a job interview. The documentation is mind-boggling and seems designed to confuse ordinary people.

In the event, I quickly realised that things were going in the right direction and the meeting reached a unanimous recommendation which has since been confirmed. I believe it will make a significant difference to our lives.

If anyone is wondering whether they or someone they might know could qualify, I would urge them to watch the video and then look into trying to proceed with the Continuing Health Care process. I will help anyone if I'm able to. 


Gosh a long time has passed since I started this post.  I'm glad you managed to watch the video and yes it is a struggle and battle to get CHC.  We applied twice, rejected the first time from a hospital discharge.  But a year later I applied again, during the application I moved my parents to live opposite me so I could care for them.  My dad was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer.  I have taken a career break to cre for them as well as look after my two children and dog.  It was only until I had both parents in hospital beds downstairs completely bed bound.  The carers came in to see to my mum.  The OT was there to see to my dad.  However he had severe diarrhoea from a chest infection and antibiotics.  It took myself, 2 carers and the OT 2 hours to sort out my mum and dad because as soon as we changed him he would soil himself straight away.  We were all in tears and it was down to the OT who got my dad emergency palliative care at home and then ensured my mum was fast tracked for CHC.  We had a great lady from palliative care who was experienced in documentation get the evidence required.  I then received 4 care calls a day for my mum and 3 overnight nurse sits, which is a God send because without it I would not have been able to cope and mum would not have coped in a care home.  Unfortunately my dad passed away in March but he went knowing that mum was well cared for and with her family.