Anyone had DBS at Queens in Romford?

Hi All,  My husband has started the ball rolling towards having DBS under Dr Low at Queens in Romford.  Because of his age it is likely he can only have one side done. Just wondering if anyone else has had DBS at Romford hospital? x


I can' t answer your question but i'm curious why he can only have one side done due to his age? My simple thought process is that both sides are the same age so if one can be done why not both?? Also will it not make him 'unbalanced' if one side of his body is working much better (hopefully) after surgery than the other?


thanks for replying.

We have learned a bit more. There are different target areas for dbs depending on what symptoms need relieving.  It seems that bilateral dbs does carry a risk of cognitive impairment and, as we get older, our brain function is usually reduced, so older folk can’t take a risk of losing any more cognitive ability.  It was described like if you have the iq of Stephen Hawkins then you can lose a chunk and still be better than average, but if you’re average iq, the consequences of losing some would be detrimental. 

My husbands next step is psychological assessment to determine his brain power. If he’s the second mr Hawkins he may have the option of bilateral, otherwise it’s one side aimed at stopping his right side tremor.  He does joke that he’s going to go round in circles! 

We will find out more as we go along I’m sure. X



Hi, I’ve been searching for someone who’s had DBS done at Queens Romford. This is an old thread so not sure if you will get this message.

Please can you share your experience. Did you achieve the desired outcome?


Hi. My husband had dbs at queens about 5/6 years ago. He sadly died a year ago, nothing to do with the dbs, he was glad he had it done. How can I help?

I’m also considering having DBS at Queen’s in Romford. One of the people ar my Parkinsons exercise class has had it and is very pleased with the outcome.