Anyone in Glasgow or Edinburgh


I’ve just joined the forum as my dad had Parkinson’s and I am having some symptoms which are setting off alarm bells. I was wondering if there are any members on here from Glasgow or Edinburgh that see a private PD specialist that they would recommend as I am considering paying for a consultation due to a combination of NHS wait times for an appointment and travel/accommodation costs to go around the houses until I’m seen by the right person due to living on an island. Travel costs would soon outweigh the cost of a private consultation. If anyone sees a good young onset specialist, all the better as I’m in my mid forties. Alternatively if anyone knows of any young onset specialists in the UK that offer video consultations that would be so helpful. I’ve had an MRI due to having atypical optic neuritis and have the report and a ton of blood test results to rule out other causes of the symptoms. Thanks in advance!