Anyone joined a gym to help cope


As anyone joined a gym to help cope with their symptoms


No, but I go to a PD Warrior class once a week. Probably should do more though.


Hi there, I have joined a gym too a few weeks ago and have been going for an hour and a half each day. I think it’s too early to tell but I feel fitter and more healthy and more importantly it must help my mobility. I’m going to stick with it because I’m sure it will help. Best of luck to you.


I had my first session with an exercise physiologist last week. He gave me a number of suitable exercises which I could do at home.
It was while doing the simple ‘throw a soccer ball (football to you) against a wall’, that I realised how sluggish my arms were.
A week later, the arms are better and I can now actually catch the ball.
I still need to acquire some more equipment and clear some room in the shed but I am feeling the difference already.

I find it easier to do the exercises at home but if a gym was closer, I would definitely give it a try.

Knowing what exercises to do, thanks to the exercise physio, is important.



I rejoined the gym about a year ago and I think it is helping. I was getting a bit of an ache in my upper back when standing cooking and I don’t seem to notice that now. When I first started there was one machine where you sit and push the levers straight up . I couldn’t shift it at all even on the easiest setting. I’m still on the easiest setting but now I can do 10 every time I go.

I tried a yoga class there too but that was a bit tricky. I don’t want to worry about my balance and because I also have akathisia as it is pretty uncomfortable trying to keep still.

I find the gym easier as I don’t have to be there at a specific time so if I’ve had a a bad night I can go after a nap. If I go when I am a bit tired or too late in the day I really notice the difference walking the length of the gym with no ‘wheelie’ to hold on to. Sometimes I really have to think about picking my feet up so I don’t trip.

I go three times a week so I don’t get bored and just do half an hour. There is plenty of sit down equipment where your back is supported. I like the machines where you are stretching your arms wide & strengthening back muscles. I can get pretty stiff around my shoulders.
I have a recumbent trike which I go out on nearly every day but it wasn’t really enough – last winter I got quite a spare tyre so it feels good to keep on top of that too.

This summer because it was so hot I also braved the outdoor pool (included in the gym membership) & was very pleased I could do a fair number of lengths - it’s olympic size. I just had a little rest at each end as my right arm starts going all over the place after a while. So nice swimming in the sunshine.