Anyone live on the IOW?

Hello  - my husband (who has PD) and I are hoping to move to the isle of wight in the not too distant future. Is there anyone on here who can tell me what the support network is like over there, please.  Don't really want to have to visit the mainland to see a consultant. Tia

Hi there,

I know that some of the Southampton Neurology consultants do clinics over on the IOW, including Dr Alice Manson, who is a PD Specialist.  There shouldn't be a need for you to travel back to the mainland.

hope that helps


Thank you, Nick :)

Hi minkymoo

We were living on the Island when my husband was diagnosed nine years ago.  We left four years ago but up until that time found the support very good.  My husband had a neurology appointment every six months and we also had the support of an excellent Parkinson's nurse.  After we left that nurse retired but she has been replaced.  If you look at the web site for St Mary's Hospital IW you can see the services that are provided.  

There is also an active Parkinson's support group.  We made many friends there and appreciated their support.  

The Island is a beautiful place and we lived there and were very happy for 17 years.  I wish you good luck with your move and hope you enjoy your life there. 


Aye aye MM.

just wondered. Do they still run a hovercraft down there , I crossed over on one 47 years ago ??? Nice place 


Thank you worrals - that is good to know. We have always loved the island and didn't want to let PD stop us.


And yes Ian the hovercraft still runs - haven't been on it yet though!


MM :)