Anyone struggling with Parkinsons and heatwave dehydration?

My mum has had Parkinsons for 17 years. We think she is severely dehydrated in this heat and we have been trying to encourage her to take fluids today. A doctor came to see her and prescribed anti-biotics but my dad and brother are now in A&E waiting to see a doctor to take bloods. We thought they would immediately put her on a drip. Just wondered how everyone is doing in this heat? Is it affecting anyone else in an adverse way like this? My family obviously tried all methods of getting my mum to take fluid such as ice lollies/ jelly/ other liquid foods

You have my sympathy. My mum had Alzheimer’s, not Parkinson’s, but we had a similar problem trying to get her to take liquids and she repeatedly became severely dehydrated. It is frustrating and there is no easy solution.

Thank you. Appreciate your response. There is a slight improvement today. She is on a drip in hospital.

I am 69 and have had Parkinson’s for 6 years. Usually my medication keeps things pretty well under control, however, during this recent hot spell, I noticed this has not been the case and I have felt the symptoms more than usual. However, today is much cooler and things seem to have settled down a bit. I was interested in your post, as I wondered if the hot weather was an issue. Hope your Mum is feeling a lot better.

I was very interested in your comment about heat and Parkinson’s. We are currently “enjoying” a heatwave with abnormally high temperatures. My medication seems to be ineffective at the moment, increasing the frequency and severity of freezing episodes.
Any suggestions how I can deal with this?

Hi ,
It is a while since my post and obviously my condition has progressed a bit since then. I do still find the hot weather difficult and do my best to keep indoors and out of the sun. I suffer from night sweats, which make things a bit worse! I know that dehydration can affect symptoms so I try and drink as much as possible. I always keep a glass of water by me and sip it regularly. I’m afraid I can’t help any more than that. Otherwise, maybe a chat with your Parkinson’s nurse might help. (If you have one) All the best.