Anyone taking Ambroxol

Hi everybody,

is anyone taking Ambroxol, if so, do you think it is helping or not?
What doseage do you take? Which symptoms is it helping with?
Did you decide by yourself to take Ambroxol or were you recommended it by a doctor or nurse.



I am yes, 7 months now, 600 mg/day for 5 months (after 1st mo escalation to that level), recently upped to 900 mg/day (not quite at the recent trial dose yet, but getting close, have increased in stages to gauge the impact). In my posts I have reported a number of symptom improvements, with more to report later this week (like my PD facial mask is finally thawing out, wow).

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So, I said I would report my observations in the changes in my PD progression over the 7 months I have been taking Ambroxol, and here is the list and approximately when I observed them:

Reduced brain fog and improved mental clarity 2 months
Reduced PD related shoulder pain 2 months
Improved motor function, left hand in particular 3-4 months
Reduced freezing episodes, more easily broken 6-7 months
PD facial mask thawing somewhat 6-7 months
Eliminated Requip medication for movement 7 months*
Improved mental control over my tremor 7 months

*very important for me given its side effects of obsessive & compulsive behavior and an exaggerated reality toward hallucinations

What am I still looking for?
Further movement improvement and in particular speed & gait
Improving balance
Tremor reduction **

** I have stopped taking Propanalol for tremor as it was making my ankles swell, symptomatic of heart issues, since then my ankles look like mine again, but my left hand tremor is back and takes quite a lot of mental control to stop, but I can do it (7 months)

So if I conclude I am not beyond the point of no return, beyond which no amount of medication or therapy will much improve my condition, then just how far can Ambroxol take me back to my pre PD normal? That is the question. I have upped my dosage to 900 mg a day at 7 months, but not as consistently as I would like to say much about it. Fairly soon I plan to go all the way up to the 1,100 mg a day trial max dose to see if that breaks through some of the remaining progressive symptoms over time. I will continue to report my progress or lack thereof going forward as always.

You know, aside from Ambroxol’s use for dry cough, sore throat & now its potential role in treating PD, it has also been found to have uroprotective effects and helps manage the pain of Fibromyalgia nerve pain, IBS & bladder pain, as well as when topically applied chronic regional pain (all these have published research around them). But I have to say even I was somewhat astonished today to find this recent patent application for an Ambroxol use, but since the plant from which it is derived has been known for its multi facteted medicinal properties for over I believe 2,000 years, I guess I should not be all that surprised, but perhaps you will be:

US Patent Application for AMBROXOL TO IMPROVE AND/OR EXTEND HEALTHSPAN, LIFESPAN AND/OR MENTAL ACUITY Patent Application (Application #20200215089 issued July 9, 2020)

Apparently they have research in mice that backs up their claim cited in this application:

So I end up wondering just what can’t Ambroxol do or at least help???

.I’m a bit amazed. Although I am not sure what the Justia link was really. It seemed to be a lot of legalese. Not like the usual medical results blurb I’m used to.


Hi Dave…yes I have been taking 600mg/day for a month, now, and will continue for the foreseeable at this concentration, as I have definitely felt clearer headed, and notice improvement in coping with fine motor functions (eg getting undressed, tying laces ). I also notice that my ability to feel unimpaired or debilitated after2-3 pints on a night out…has greatly improved my social confidence…is this all due to Ambroxol? …I believe it may be…and the impact of my beginning to believe in the possibility of a brighter future…is truly uplifting…I informed my Parkinson’s nurse that I’d be putting myself on the drug, and intend to update her when I see an irrefutable improvement that could be quantifiable…eg an end to tremors altogether, or total loss of any ‘off’period during my unchanged carb/Levi regime…You will have read of the positive outcome of this years Ambroxol Tolerance and Globocerebrocidase enhancing phase 1 trial, conducted on 17 PD sufferers…what would be wonderful would be to hear from any one of that cohort, to get their feedback on having taken as much as 1.26g/day of Ambroxol over 6+ months…are they free to comment,and reading this ?

I’ve just taken the plunge and placed my first order. I’ve read everything I can find and checked with my PD nurse and I can’t find a good reason not to.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

well Dave I was likewise amazed at this potential application of Ambroxol, but perhaps I shouldn’t be considering recent research is finding it helpful in managing nerve pain from Fibromyalgia, IBS & even bladder pain given its sodium channel blocker properties, not to mention when made into a topical cream apparently it is like 13x more effective then Lidocaine for regional pain. Of course it is most well known for its bronchial disorder applications as well as sore throat, but when I consider the plant - Adhatoda Vasica - and vasicine from which it is synthetically derived, I probably shouldn’t’ be surprised to hear about a patent application that suggests it may even extend our lifespan. Just look at what the plant can do!

Adhatoda vasica Nees belonging to family Acanthaceae, commonly known as Adosa, is found many regions of India and throughout the world, with a multitude of uses in traditional Unani and Ayurvedic systems of medicine. It is also called “Vasaka”. It is a well-known herb in indigenous systems of medicine for its beneficial effects, particularly in bronchitis. Vasaka leaves, bark, the root bark, the fruit and flowers are useful in the removal of intestinal parasites. Vasaka herb is used for treating cold, cough, chronic bronchitis and asthma. In acute stages of bronchitis, vasaka gives unfailing relief, especially where the sputum is thick and sticky. It liquefies the sputum so that it is brought up more easily. For relief in asthma, the dried leaves should be smoked. The juice from its leaves should be given in doses of 2 to 4 grams in treating diarrhea and dysentery. A poultice of its leaves can be applied with beneficial results over fresh wounds, rheumatic joints and inflammatory swellings. A warm decoction of its leaves is useful in treating scabies and other skin diseases. In olden times its leaves were made into a decoction with pepper and dried ginger. But the modern medicine searched its active ingredients and found out that vasicine, oxyvascicine and vasicinone are the alkaloids present in vasaka and in which vasicine is the active ingredient for expelling sputum from the body. Asian J. Med. Biol. Res. June 2016

Adhatoda Vasica (Vasaka) has following medicinal properties.

Antitussive – relieves a cough
Expectorant – promotes expectoration
Bronchodilator – dilates bronchi
Anti-inflammatory – reduces inflammation of airways
Antihemorrhagic (styptic) – checks bleeding
Antispasmodic – Helps in abdominal spasms and relaxes muscles (its action is confirmed due to the presence of Vasicinone alkaloid in Vasaka)
Antifungal – Works against ringworm
Mild Sedative – Calms the mind
Anti-allergic – Fights off allergies
Anthelmintic – Anti-parasite or removes worms
Appetite stimulant – Improves appetite
Mild Anti-hypertensive – Reduces blood pressure

To potentially find then that it can seriously help with our PD progression is not much of a stretch, no, not much of a stretch at all, and at least in my case it is doing just that!

Hi Jgo, Please I would be extremely grateful if you can tell me where you ordered your Ambroxol from. Many thanks Katie

Hi Katie,

I got mine from Amazon . Really easy to find - just put Ambroxol in the search box!

I’m just about to go into week 3, so too early to report any progress yet.

Please let us know how you get on.

Good luck. Jill

more funding announced for Ambroxol and other repurposed medicines in Parkinson’s research, along with this commentary:

"The phase II clinical trial of ambroxol, led by Professor Anthony Schapira of the University College London Queen Square Institute of Neurology, revealed that this drug is safe and well tolerated by participants. Importantly, the results also showed the drug is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and, importantly, increases levels of glucocerebrosidase (GCase) in the brain cells of people with Parkinson’s.

The protein GCase allows cells to remove waste more effectively, a function that evidence suggests is deficient in some people with Parkinson’s. Increasing levels of this protein may have the potential to keep cells healthier for longer and, therefore, slow Parkinson’s progression."

Hi there , @DHP @William @Jgo
Am coming rather late into this thread but am hoping that someone will be able to advise how to access a higher dose of Ambroxol than one can buy on Amazon, which is the 30mg tablets . And also whether there are contraindications when taken with standard Parkinson’s medication. I asked the Parkinson’s nurse last week and she had never heard of Ambroxol… I suspect our excellent GP will say to ask the Parkinson’s nurse…
With thanks,

You might find some 70mg tablets around in a search. As for contraindications, I have discussed this with two neurologists now and neither had any concerns with my taking it with my standard PD meds.

Hi Pippa, sorry, I can’t help with sourcing higher dose tablets. I’m happy with the 30s. Even though you have to take quite a large quantity they’re really small and I find that I can swallow them a few at a time.
I checked with my Parkinson’s nurse before starting on Ambroxol. She had to look it up but was happy for me to try it.
I would ask yours to look into it for you.
I am very fortunate that my GP is open to suggestions but he admits that his knowledge about Parkinson’s is limited. I prefer that to someone who tries to make out that they know best about everything…

Really appreciate your help @DHP and @Jgo. Thanks a lot.

When I take the 30’s, I take them the entire ten at a time with a big gulp of some juice, then some dark chocolate for the taste if I have some nearby, works for me.