Anyone with PD and breast cancer?

Hi, I was diagnosed with early onset PD in Jan 2012 at the age of 48.  In June this year, I was also diaagnosed with breast cancer, and I am currently in the middle of chemotherapy.  Although I have been told that there is no link between the two, it seems strange that I have been diagnosed with both in the space of a couple of years, having been what I would consider to be a healthy person up until then.  I was just wondering whether anyone else has had a  similar experience to me.


Dxd with Early onset Pd at 45  in August 2007.  Only ever on left side but on Christmas Eve 2008 had bleeding from left breast.

Surgery with removal of milk ducts sucessful.


Have had 3 super healthy pregnancies, no broken bones, no other illnesses.    

Sux doesn't it ?



My interest in elephants is purely metaphorical... what about you?


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Was it breast cancer, and did you have to have ongoing treatment for your problem?


Hi both

2005 to 2011 had 4 or 5 gastro bleeds which led to hospitalisation and blood transfusions.  Many tests, cameras and scans never showed cause.

October 2012 diagnosed with PD.

November 2013 sudden abdo pain and emergency surgery which revealed 4 neuro endocrine tumours in colon.  They appear to have been sitting there for possibly 10 years!!

My DaT scan suggests that I have probably had PD for 'years' - I have read about others dx with PD who also find they have cancer. so do the two somehow link up?  I just don't know.  What I do know now is the importance of trying to stay away from stressful situations - difficult - I am fortunate in that here I am at 68 with early stage Parkinsons but its has knocked me for 6 - plus the surgery.  However, meditation, trying to live mindfully, writing down 4 or 5 things I am grateful  4 pre sleep, exercise - all so important becuase the slightest stress immediately shows in that my left hand begins juddering! An indication of how much we need to do to take care of ourselves.

So sorry Whitney that you are in midst of chemo but here's hoping we can all get out and do the 30 minutes daily walk which is apparently very healing.







My left hand misbehaves in exactly the same way at the slightest sign of stress!   I don't have the energy to do 30 minutes of walking at the moment, but I did until my last round of chemo and plan to again as soon as I am able.  It definitely relieves stress and helps wiwth sleeping too.

1. Breast problem (I just can't bring myself to say cancer),  is no longer an issue after surgery. I do dislike trying to put positive slant on everything but I do now qualify to join the Team Pink Ladies dragon boat.  


2  I cycle wherever I can.   Have found that I can't feel weakness or tremor when cycling. Since the tremor makes my left hand pretty weak I was was concerned about braking and changing gears.

When I bought the cycle I asked for one with old fashioned foot brakes and the assistant  showed me  a bright pink, retro cruiser.  

Wherever I go people say," Cool bike".

Even got a "Hey lady you ARE pimpin!"

Oh YEH !!



Sorry to hear about your breast 'problem'.  I know what you mean about not wanting to talk about it, but I am just very keen to know whether there is some kind of link that I can see through responses to my post, even if the medics haven't found it yet!

I don't dwell on it, and I'm just dealing with one stage fo treatment at a time.  My friends all say I'm very positive about it, even if I don't always feel it.  Before i read your post, I had decided to remove the spider webs from my bike and have a go, but I don't think I have the oomph at the moment.  It's on my To Do list for after Christmas, by which time hopefully there will be some light at the end of the tunnel. :)

Mine is NOT a cool bike - even in a retro kind of way!


Good to hear from you ladies!