Anyone working shifts?


I'm on 125 sinemet and 14mg requip . Everyone is reluctant to increase due to my age (57) but having off times  when struggle to walk .
does anyone out there work shifts with pd ? Would be great to hear how you got on and managed meds? I'm doing nights and 12hr days but can only manage 1day at a time . Just trying diff no of nights in row , finding juggling of tablets a problem .


Hi i worked nights for 13 yrs untill Nov had to ill health retire due to tiredness and not sleeping plus thing were getting more difficult tripped on my last shift,I was and still am taking ragagiline,pramipexole,madopar, but im feeling better in myself since I finished work.


thanks for reply  jenny, can i ask how you managed your doses of madopar? am finding im ok on actual night but the turn round back to day i have long off times and when sleeping during day i wake with internal tremor when i would normally take dose of sinemet. 


Hi i take all medication on a morning (slow release )and 4 does of madopar 1 on morn 1 lunch 1 teatime 1bedtime for 10 yrs only worked nights and managed ok then they decided we all had to rota from days to nights thats when problems began couldnt manage days work load harder and swopping between the 2 was awfull ,managed for 2years like this then between HR and myself decided ill health retirement was the way to go ,retired nov last year dont sleep very good 2-5 hrs a night so feel a lot better in myself not working , PD support worker was brilliant filled forms in and was with me every step of the way.i  was diagnosed 4 years ago aged 47 .Hope this helps but get back to me anytime x


thanks for reply .

im doing mainly nights bot odd day thrown in . i agree its the turn around thats hard although if spend day doing nothing it helps . i have said ill only work 1 day at a time and go in office if can .im hoping will be able to work another 5 yrs but will have to see how get on 



Hi hope things go ok for you i know what its like j didnt want to retire either but remember you under the equality & disability act .Best wishes