AP-GO pen and pump

Does anyone have anything positive and encouraging to say about using this method of medication?

Dear Lin,

After a bad summer last year, when my honey moon finished and fluctuations started, my Neuro suggested to try the AP pump (to be precise Dopaceptin) together with a anti-nausea (Domperidone). I had a special training at the hospital to do it myself , avoiding calling a nurse twice a day.
To be honest it’s peanuts to do. Very easy to setup and to stop (pump acts day time, not at night).
The 3 first months have been amazingly awesome. No more Off/On periods, full energy, concentration back. Never felt better since 5 years.
Additionally no issue with addictive behaviour.
Unfortunately I had to stop the pump as this was providing too strong nausea per day.
Strangely, it is now 6 weeks without the pump, back to Stalevo and Modopar only, and I have to admit I doing quite well! Only slight tremors on the right side but no more fluctuation nor urgenturies.
It is worth trying if your oral treatment isn’t efficient anymore and we are all different on the symptoms and the side effects, so it may be more sustainable on you.
Anyway, it is just a B plan before DBS.
FYI, I am positive for the surgery and I should be equipped beg next year.
Hope this is helping.


Thank you, Etienne. I really appreciate you taking notice and answering my query.
How awful that you found something which worked well and you had to give it up!
I am finding the ap-go pen works quite well for me. The only problem is that I can’t administer the injection to myself. Two things stop me! One is that I’m a wimp and secondly,Ii get so woked up and nervous that I can barely hold the pen let alone twist and push.
For similar reasons, DBS doesn’t appeal!
Thanks again

I wear the Apo Go pump. It has given me my life back.