Apo go morphine pump

Hi everyone I’m on apo go morphine pump and have try every site on internet to buy a leather case to clip onto my belt to keep pump safe while I’m working, there is a site called infusionpump.it in Milan but they won’t answer my emails and they seem to be only supplier off pump cases till fit my pump .
Has anyone got advice where till buy leather cases for pumps ???
I was diagnosed 3 years ago now hitting 40 years old my neurologist brought me into hospital in November last year for a week till try pump and it dose work the best but you do have your down days where you feel weak and stiff but other days you feel great ! It’s also strong on the brain and makes me a bit depressed some days but my doctor sorting me out this week with anti depressants drugs and anxiety drugs till ease the side effects off pump …
If anyone could help with finding leather cases till fit apo go pump I’d be over moon many thanks

Hi Joh2003n,

Can you send us the dimensions for the leather case that you had in mind so we can look into this for you?

Many thanks,

Hi many thanks for replying till my txt I’m off pump till further down the line due till problems in my mental state, doctor in hospital took me off it for my own safety! But on new tablets and feeling a lot better and mental stability is back thank god …
Many thanks talk soon x

Hi @Joh2003n,

I’m sorry to hear of your recent mental health problem but I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better.

All the best and take care,