APO-go pen

APO-go pen
My specialist has suggested I give this pen a go and I have read the relevant information on it, but I
would really like some first-hand feelings from anyone who has had or is having experience of this
alternative, either from a user or a carer please

hi anne i use apo go have done for three months now without it my distonia is so bad i cannot walk so i am of the gimmee the drugs school of thought

Hi AnneBoleyn. (Don't lose your head) . I have been using the Apo-go pen for several months and i'm very happy with it. Give it a go but do try to vary the injection site and be sure to massage the area after each jab.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot, Christo, for your helpful reply. It was a positive message so at the moment I am encouraged to give it a go. Life is all trial and error at the moment anyway, so what's one more!!!

Keep well.

Thank  you, bettyblue. That was so positive  I am encouraged to 'have a go'.  Will let  you know how I get on with it - it's all about trying new things, isn't it?

Keep well.

good luck ann please do let me know.........

Spoke to my Pharmacist last week and decided to wait a while and try adding another tablet to the daily list first. Many thanks for the comments made - it is helpful to get someone else's feelings.

any time any help don't hesitate xx